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A Car Buying Guide: Future Proof Your Next Purchase

Future proof your next purchase with our comprehensive Buying Guide covering the car buying journey essentials.

From navigating the market place to knowing where to get the best deals and which car is really best for you – we’ve broken down what can be an overwhelming journey to buying your next car.

In our car buying guide we will cover:

  • Understanding The Market Place – New, Used and Beyond
  • Where To Buy Your Dream Car
  • Do You Really Need A Test Drive?
  • That Car Is So You: Your Long Term Considerations 
  • Tips and Tricks From The Insiders

We hope you find tips and answers to a lot of the question you have within our Buying Guide. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.


As well as New and Used car options, there are alternative classifications of car including nearly-new and pre-registered, which could help you to save money when buying your next car.

Here we explain the difference between classifications of new, used and nearly used cars – so that you can look out for the best car on the market to suit your needs and budget.


Brand new cars are released throughout the year by car brand manufacturers, while registrations plates are released twice a year. But if you want to be first to drive a newly launched car model, you will probably need to pre-order and wait for the delivery of your new car.

There are various advantages to buying a new car which you may or may not be aware of – here is a breakdown of the benefits.

A new car will come with a full warranty package which will remain in effect for a limited time period or an allocated amount of mileage. This will vary according to the brand and model of the car but you can expect a minimum of 3 years and 60,000 – whichever comes first, which is a huge appeal to drivers, should something go wrong with the car in the first few years of ownership.

Plus, new cars are often privy to an initial introductory discount or saving deal, providing a saving on the overall price of the car or initial down payment of a finance plan. This is agreed at the time of purchase and is always worth asking for as part of the negotiation phase.

New cars are often equipped with the latest technology too, hooking you up to your personal driving preferences and entertainment choices for a smooth and familiar ride. With 100% of new cars projected to be connected by 2030*, up from just 25% today, you can be the envy of many and lead the way with the latest car technology on the market.

It doesn’t stop with in-car tech either. The latest in new car innovation, electric vehicles (EVs) and their plug-in hybrid counterparts, have been on the rise on UK’s roads in the past few years, with over 40,000** sold in the first quarter of 2019. With 25% of vehicles worldwide predicted to be electric by 2025*, it’s an exciting time to join the EV journey. As well as better fuel economy and lower emissions – consider electric for the ultimate in fuel-efficiency and reasonably low running costs.


Don’t think you can’t go electric on an EV model however, you can still look to reduce your initial investment by buying a second hand electric vehicleas the first wave of EVs begin to enter the used car market.

Whichever fuel preferences you have, the breadth of choice in the used car market is vast. And although you may have to compromise on your dream car’s model spec or design – you will avoid taking the biggest depreciation hit on the value of the car, which is typically within the first couple of years. Thereafter, the value of the car will likely remain steady, meaning the price you pay will not be drastically differently if you were to maintain the car well and re-sell after a couple of years.

Also, as car technology develops in more recent used cars, you are often purchasing a reliable model that will not require repairs until they are well over 100,000 miles – meaning you can relax at the thought of buying a used car. Provided you are clear on the history and mileage of the car and check the car for signs of wear - costs will vary allowing you to search more closely to your affordability.

Nearly New

Firstly, what is a nearly new car? These cars are often still under manufacturer’s warranty, are less than 12 months old and have very low mileage. Since more than 50% of Britain’s new car sales*** are to company car schemes and rental firms, these cars often belong to fleets and have had no previous personal owner.

However, as with any used car, it is still imperative that you thoroughly check the condition of the car as it is no guarantee of a careful previous driver. This may likely mean standard low-spec technology and none-luxury interiors – but is a great way to save money on your next car if you’re not concerned about splashing out on high-end model specs. Such classifications of the car will also have been thoroughly serviced and have a full maintenance-history, so you will be made aware of any likely problems inherent with the car.

& Beyond

Nearly new also includes pre-registered models of car. These ‘used cars’ are new cars that have been registered by the dealer as they are in their possession on the forecourt – also possibly referred to as self-registered or delivery mileage. They are classified as used as you will not be the first owner of the car on paper, which may affect the resale value as it will not be a ‘one-owner’ car. The advantage of purchasing a pre-registered car is the discount which likely ranges from 5% to 25%, depending on the make, model and time of year. Plus you will enjoy that new car condition and interiors (who doesn’t love that smell) without the full list price-tag.

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For more help navigating the new and used car market read our useful blogs:

*McKinsey; Accenture; Microsoft analysis



Now we are clear on the classifications of car, let’s consider where is best to buy your next car. Whether you are looking for the best car deal, most reputable retailer, or interested in alternative ways to find your dream car, we have it covered.

When buying a used car, most drivers purchase from either a dealership or from a private seller. While a private sale may seem like a cheaper option, you should follow our buying tips below or you may end up paying out more than you bargained for in the pursuit of your dream car.

What to Watch Out For

  1. Make sure the car is not stolen - the rightful owner has the right to reclaim their car, leaving you out of pocket.
  2. A hidden insurance write-off - leaving you open to paying a lot more than the car is worth.
  3. Ringing or cloning – where the vehicle is falsely using plates from another car to conceal an insurance-write off or stolen car.
  4. Outstanding finance on the car - meaning you are at risk of it being repossessed by the finance company at any time.

It is always great to see what bargains are out there, but it is advisable to carry out a Car History Check before buying any used car in order to uncover the following:

  • Stolen, scraped or write-offs
  • Outstanding finance
  • Previous plates
  • Mileage fraud
  • Unrealistic valuation
  • Running costs – road tax and fuel

Where to Get the Best Deal

When you are looking for a quality car at a reasonable price, it can be tempting to see what is available if you buy from private sellers, but this may leave you at risk of getting a sore deal. Alternatively, there are a lot of perks to buying a used car and getting an all-round better deal through a reputable dealership.

  • Credibility – feel confident in a level of consumer rights protection. You are protected from any hidden information or history on the car.
  • Finance – your particular dealer will be able to offer you finance for the purchase of your car, as opposed to arranging personal finance or cash up-front. There is also the advantage of a dealer’s expertise in handling the paperwork, fully transferring the ownership of the car to you and avoiding any hiccups further down the road.
  • Choice – we have a network and database of over 8k used cars across 16 brands at Jardine Motor Group, meaning you will have a huge choice at your fingertips.

Find a used car online or we are available to help source one to your specification at one of our Jardine dealership locations. Our range of models is huge, making certain you will find the right approved used car for you.



With the wealth of car information now online, do you really need to take a test drive? It seems car buyers are happy to skip the traditional test drive experience – widening their search to locations beyond their nearby dealerships and forgoing a pre-sale spin.

"87% of people who watched an online video about a car did at least one follow-up action"

As customers can now learn nearly everything about both used and new cars online, including actual video footage and 360-degree views of available cars from a website – we are more comfortable than ever to make up our mind without taking a traditional test drive.

"69% of people say that 360 would convince them to buy a new car without a test drive"

It’s easy (and essential) to carry out various online checks about a potential car purchase in order to make sure it’s a good choice. This includes comprehensive vehicle reports, customer and expert reviews, as well as the likely price and typical running costs for certain models.

It’s also a great idea to do your research to understand which brand offers the best model and flexibility for you. Getting a great deal starts with identifying the best car for you, then purchasing that car for a good price.

"80% of online shoppers change their mind from the initial one they searched for"

It may be an unfamiliar process for some, but for the savvy online shopper, buying your car is no different. For the best choice shop online at a reputable dealership to have access to a UK wide network of available new and used cars.Browse thousands of cars at your fingertips, as well as have access to the customer support and care available face-to-face once you narrow down your search criteria.



If you’re still wondering which car is right for you, or how to decide which car to buy, it’s important to begin by making sure any car fits your lifestyle preferences and requirements. 

Whether it’s an SUV or convertible on your wish list, choose the car that offers the right perks and features for you to be more satisfied in the long-term. 

Here is our guide to being clued up about buying the best type of car to suit your lifestyle consideratrions.

Whether you lust after the latest tech, have a need for speed, or a family of 5+ to cater for, we’ve rounded up various types of cars suitable for your requirements and lifestyle.



We understand a lot of research and consideration goes into preparing for your new arrival and growing family. Suddenly, child-friendly features such as ISOFIX technology, safety ratings and generous boot space for your travel system are appealing factors. Here are 3 great options to consider when a little addition is on the way:

  • BMW X5 - Boot capacity 650 litres
  • VW T Roc – Boot capacity 445 litres
  • Mini Countryman – Boot capacity 450 litres

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If you’re looking for great reliability and practicality in a car, then 7-seater cars are among the very best. It’s unsurprising then that the cars capable of holding 7 people are typically MPVs and large SUVs. These are vehicles renowned for their family friendliness because of their space, safety and comfort.

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Reliability may sound boring but it’s such an important factor when buying your new car. We’ve collated the more trustworthy cars, from driver satisfaction surveys and warranty issuer information, to ensure you have a safe and reliable ride.

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Hot hatches have been around for decades now and remain a popular choice for UK car buyers. As a result, more brands now offer high-performance versions of their hatchback ranges that contain more powerful engines, improved suspension and brakes, and sportier designs. Here are some of our favourites:

Recommend reads: We’ve chosen 7 of the best hot hatches available.

User Modified: Motability Scheme

The Motability Scheme is a leading car programme for people with disabilities. To check if you qualify, Motability Specialists at selected JMG dealerships can help check your eligibility.

A full range of adaptations are available to cater to the driver requirements, choosing from a large range of car brands on a 3-year lease contract, in exchange for government-funded Motability allowance.

Here are 3 great brands available on the scene:

  • Honda Jazz
  • Audi Q2
  • BMW X1

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Prioritising car features based on your realistic lifestyle preferences and demands will make for a much happier relationship with your new car! Visit your nearest dealership or contact our team to find out more about any of the features of the car listed.



We aim to help you to find the best car and price available, by offering the best advice and insider tips for your next car purchase.

From reducing long-term running costs to going green: we round up additional pointers from the experts at Jardine, to help future-proof your next purchase.

Reducing Running Costs

There are a few additional ongoing costs involved in owning a car. Planning ahead to calculate the most economical fuel, tax, and insurance bills will help reduce the long term running costs of your car.

Tax Tips

With car tax having risen in April 2019, it’s a good idea to get clued up on how much your new car will likely cost you.

Even new car first-year tax rates could rise by as much as £65 for vehicles with high CO2 emissions over 255g/km. Read our Car Tax FAQ for full details including a breakdown of the first year (new) car tax rates.

Lower Your Insurance

As part of the buying process, it's a good idea to plan ahead with potential car insurance rates too. Finding cheap car insurance can often be a challenge in itself! But if you’re looking to save money and become a savvier shopper, we bring you the Top 10 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance.

Fuel Economy

This may be down to driving style and car maintenance – but who doesn’t love how to get more miles per gallon?

The Future is Electric: Get Ahead Go Green

As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) and their plug-in hybrid counterparts grow. With over 40,000* sold in the first quarter of 2019 - we considered, what would make you go electric?

We have answered various questions around EVs on the blog, debunking myths, clarifying costs and generally helping customers to understand the full facts when switching to an EV.

“We wanted to explore what would make people become more inclined to making the switch to EV, but also understand what the barriers are and if there are any major changes that could be made, to the infrastructure for example, to make people more likely to buy an EV. Alex Brown, Head of Digital Marketing & Transformation at Jardine Motors Group“

Recommended Reads: Take a look at our latest EV survey findings to find answers to the most common concerns around going green:

  1. Battery life of EVs
  2. Accessible Charging Points
  3. Slow off the mark
  4. Price Points of EVs
  5. Environmental Benefits
  6. Electric Car Brands Leading The Way
  7. How Much Do Electric Cars Cost to Run?
  8. 2019: Year of the Electric SUV
  9. 8 Best Hybrid Cars

Our range of EV articles is helpful to motorists looking to clear up any pre-conceived ideas and ultimately weigh up their suitability to going electric.

Third Party Reviews

Finally, before making any car purchase it is always a good idea to weigh up the latest reviews and ratings for individual car models. Looking to various sites is a helpful way to get an unbiased opinion. We pride ourselves on offering an unbiased opinion on the brands we stock at Jardine Motor Group and use our ‘Driving Seat’ blog, keeping you updates on all things motoring. 

Third party sites we think are great reference points are:

Keep Up To Date

Keep on top of the latest releases, car news and tech advances via Driving Seat and ensure you future proof your next car purchase.