8 Of The Best Cars With Big Boots MPVs, SUVs And Estates

Space can be a make-or-break issue for car buyers. Some of us need big boots to pack luggage, prams and sports equipment, while others regularly load up with flat pack furniture or rubbish for the tip.

Whatever you carry in your car, we’ve chosen the best cars with big boots. We picked one MPV, four SUVs and three Estates so there’s something for everyone.

Car Boot Space (Litres)
Mercedes-Benz V Class 1,030
Land Rover Range Rover 909
Mercedes-Benz GLE 690
Porsche Cayenne 670
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate 670
Škoda Superb Estate 660
BMW X5 650
Honda Civic Tourer 642



MERCEDES-BENZ V CLASS - 1,030 litres

Boot space seats down: 2,030 litres

The V Class might look like a Van but this Luxury MPV Mercedes-Benz offers one of the biggest boots on the market. As standard, the Mercedes has plenty of room for both people and suitcases. This means you don't need to trade legroom for luggage or luggage capacity for extra travellers. Go for the extra long version and you'll get 1,030 litres with the seats up.

The V Class comes with sliding doors too. Making light work of service station stop offs or loading up hand luggage. With the extra long version you even get a pop up table for the backseat passengers, perfect for in-car board games.

View more information about the Mercedes-Benz V Class.



Boot space seats down: 2,030 litres

The Land Rover Range Rover is a luxurious SUV built for comfort and style. But what’s remarkable is its huge boot capacity: 909 litres with the rear seats up.

The Range Rover also has a split tailgate and the bottom half folds out flat at the touch of a button. This makes loading heavy items easier and also creates a flat bench seat at the back.

View more information about the Land Rover Range Rover.

MERCEDES GLE - 690 litres

Boot space seats down: 2,010 litres

The Mercedes GLE is an efficient and roomy five-seater SUV with an impressive boot space of 690 litres. The boot lip is flat with the floor for easy loading and the split 60:40 folding rear seats lie almost flush to create optimal load space.

The GLE is available with petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. Note that the boot capacity drops to 480 litres in the hybrid version to make space for the battery packs.

View more information about the Mercedes GLE.

PORSCHE CAYENNE - 670 litres

Boot space seats down: 1,728 litres

The Porsche Cayenne is a rare premium car with a big boot. The luxury SUV is one of the brand’s best-selling cars and boasts a spacious interior for passengers and luggage alike.

The rear bench is mounted on rails and can slide back and forth by 160mm to create more boot space or passenger leg room as required. The seat backs also tilt forward by up to six degrees to create more loading space, and they fold in split formation.

View more information about the Porsche Cayenne.

BMW X5 - 650 litres

Boot space seats down: 1,870 litres

BMW’s X5 is a powerful SUV available with five or seven seats. The five seat version has the biggest boot, with 650 litres capacity while the seats are up.

It also has a split tailgate like the Range Rover and split folding seats. Plus the X5 is renowned for its agile and fun driving experience and classy design. And there’s even a plug-in hybrid version for more economical driving.

View more information about the BMW X5.



Boot space seats down: 1,820 litres

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate is an iconic family estate car that combines luxury and practicality. And the new generation model is more efficient and comfortable than ever, and has even more boot space.

The E-Class Estate’s rear seats can be adjusted to a more upright position, creating an extra 30 litres of space still with five passengers on board. But bear in mind that boot capacity depends on the model – hybrid and BlueTec versions sacrifice load space for extra batteries or fuel tanks.

View more information about the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate.


Boot space seats down: 1,950 litres

The ŠKODA Superb Estate is a brilliant family car with a very big boot. It’s also affordable to buy, cheap to run and packed with driver safety technology.

The boot has a low lip and wide opening for easy loading. The interior is full of luggage dividers and hooks, and there’s even the option of a false floor for hidden storage. Plus the front passenger seat folds forward too, creating room for loading long objects up to 3.3 metres in length.

View more information about the ŠKODA Superb Estate.


Boot space seats down: 1,668 litres

The Honda Civic Tourer has a big boot for a compact Estate car thanks to its large, wide rear end. The boot capacity is a class-leading 642 litres with the seats up. There’s also space under the boot floor for hidden storage.

And the rear seats have a clever trick of folding upwards like cinema seats, creating tall loading space from in the footwell of the rear bench. Plus with the seats folded down, you can fit two bikes into the back of the car.

View more information about the Honda Civic Tourer.

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