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The Best Time To Buy a New Car and Get The Best Deal

When it comes to buying a new car, you want to get the most for your money. While dealerships will have their own offers and discounts running throughout the year, understanding the seasonal trends in the automotive industry will open more opportunities for your next purchase.

Since there are actually certain times of the year that are more financially beneficial to motorists we wanted to help you shop through the seasons for your next new car.

Spring Vehicle Offers


Along with new life and the rebirth of nature, spring brings us the first batch of new car offers that can’t be ignored. March is when we see the first number plate change of the year and buying just before the new plates enter the marketplace is an ideal time to buy. With many motorists anticipating buying the newest plate you can look to save pounds by purchasing a new car in the run up to the changeover.

Be aware though, that by buying an ‘older’ version of the model you may see a quicker dip in the resale value as you purchase the car so close to the change. However, depreciation is normal so this will eventually balance out.

Summer New Car Purchases


Keep an eye out for four-wheel drives during summer as they typically peak in autumn and winter due to harsher weather conditions. Bagging a bargain during the hotter months could prove beneficial if you are looking for a more durable model for the typically wet English winter.

Ther are also additional deals available as the summer months close to an end and dealerships are making room for the next release of model and plate releases by manufacturers.

Autumn Automotive Bargains

Like March, September sees the second number plate change of the year and experiences a similar sales peak making this an opportune time to buy a new car before the plates change. Again, you are likely to face the same depreciation in resale value if you want to sell shortly after purchase though the long term gain and potential savings are likely to pay off.

Winter Car Deals


Convertibles are more desirable in summer so if you’re considering cruising top down, we recommend looking for deals in the winter months ready for the following summer season.

With Christmas creating almost a whole month of celebrations in December, you can often find this month a little slower for dealerships and can sometimes see the lull spread into the beginning of January too. As a result there may be offers and even boxing day sales on to entice you to part with your cash over the festive period.

Year Round Offers to Watch

Just before a manufacturer launches the latest version of the model there will be a short window where the earlier model will drop in price. While it won’t be the latest version of the model, you’ll still have yourself a brand new car. In this instance, model updates can happen throughout the year so it’s worth looking into your favourite brand for a better idea of time frame.


If you’re looking for a new car but don’t want to wait, we have a great selection of new cars available to browse online. Likewise, our dedicated new car sales team found in all our Jardine Motors Group dealerships across the UK are here to help.