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About Driving Abroad

Expert Advice & Tips on Driving When Abroad...

Driving can be highly stressful at the best of times, but stress levels often multiply when driving in countries that you are not familiar with, particularly if you don't speak the language! Our articles offer information and practical advice on a wide range of driving situations that you might encounter.


Driving Abroad After Brexit: Everything You Need to Know

Amid the upheaval that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused across 2020, it’s easy to forget that before it all the UK had, and still has, more than enough on its plate in the form of Brexit. Indeed, while we were all yearning for the news to be about anything but Brexit at the start of the year, we might even be glad to see it back if it means a sense of social normality returns in 2021.



Our Top Tips: How To Drive Safe in Europe

If you’re heading to Europe, make sure you have the correct insurance and other road essentials for your trip.

More pressingly, when the UK leaves the EU, your plans to drive in Europe may be affected – so make sure you have the correct documents in place to avoid breaking the law.



Your inspiration for the perfect road trip destination

Planning any kind of holiday in recent months has not been easy. With foreign travel severely restricted, here in the UK it’s been a time to appreciate the popular sights and hidden gems that lie a little closer to home.



The Best Wacky Car Rally Races Around the World

Rallying tests our ability to drive across any terrain in any weather, racing to beat the clock. If you have ever watched a rally or entered into a race, you’ll know that these events are an opportunity to work hard and play harder.



8 Funny Road Signs from Around the World

Road signs are a fundamental aspect when learning to drive and are designed to keep you informed while on the road. Despite this, over three-quarters of UK motorists are unable to decipher the most basic road signs. If you fall into that statistic, we suggest you dig out the Highway Code and swot up (after you continue reading, of course).



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