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The Best Wacky Car Rally Races Around the World


Rallying tests our ability to drive across any terrain in any weather, racing to beat the clock. If you have ever watched a rally or entered into a race, you’ll know that these events are an opportunity to work hard and play harder.

To give you a true adrenaline rush, we’ve picked some of the craziest, wackiest car rally races from around the world.

Dumball Rally


Start Destination: Brighton, UK
Finish Destination: Corfu, Greece
Days: 10
When: From 14 September 2018

Described as the first fancy dress banger rally, the dumball is an extreme driving challenge that happens once a year. The rules are simple: all you need is an old banger worth less than £500, modified enough to ensure it is roadworthy and looks as bonkers as possible. Round up your team, pay up and you’re ready to go! The Dumball Rally team have organised everything so you can just enjoy the ride. Operating on public roads means speed limits and road laws must be obeyed, however this doesn't impact the fun factor and overall experience you will encounter! 

If you thought this rally couldn’t get any better, this festival on wheels gives back by raising money for a great cause, the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Visit the Dumball Rally website.

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Crazy in Croatia


Start Destination: Vodice Marina, Croatia
Finish Destination: Vodice Marina, Croatia
Days: 4
When: From 22 September 2018

A rally race no longer interested in rundown motors, this wacky event transports entrants from land to sea, across the Dalmatian coast. The event costs £2,200 per team of 4, with some flexibility for smaller groups. Although this is a little more than some other rallies, the price includes boat and skipper, 4 nights’ accommodation, dinner on 2 nights and a few other extras.

Decorating your boat is part of the fun, so be ready to overload on weird and wonderful embellishments before setting off for four days of sun and sea. Although there is gold to collect along the way, this treasure hunt is tailored to the entrants, meaning it can end wherever you like.

Visit the Crazy in Croatia website.

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Monte Carlo Rally


Start Destination: Gap, Monte Carlo
Finish Destination: Alpes-Maritimes, France
Days: 6
When: From 25 January 2018

This professional rally event in Monte Carlo tests competitors’ mental strength and endurance as they race through ice and snow in order to win the exclusive event. Split into 8 sections, the course pushes racers through several stages to reach the pivotal final race for the top spot on day six.

It starts during the latter part of January, challenging competitors to utilise their winter driving skills along the snowy track. The prizegiving ceremony at the end celebrates the victories and marks the first leg of the FIA World Rally Championship. Read about the 2018 winner here.

Visit the Monte Carlo Rally website.

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Mongol Rally


Start Destination: Secret location – 30 mins west of Prague, Czech Republic
Finish Destination: Ulan-Ude, Russia
Days: 3+ weeks
When: From 15 July 2018

This self-proclaimed “chaos machine” of a car rally is not for the faint hearted. The Mongol Rally has three simple rules: Rule 1: small and scrap – 1 litre engine or less, Rule 2: on your own – no on the road support, Rule 3: save the world – raise a minimum of £1000 for charity.

After setting off from the secret launch location, entrants are left to their own devices, evoking a worthwhile adventure of fun and mystery. They must navigate across foreign borders and treacherous ground to reach the finish line in the Russian town of Ulan-Ude (previously located in Ulaanbaatar, Mongol’s capital).

Visit the Mongol Rally website.

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Barmy to Barcelona


Start Destination: Lille, France
Finish Destination: Barcelona, Spain
Days: 4
When: From 6 July 2018

Spanning four European countries in as many days, this wacky rally race is ideal for time-poor motorists looking for a high impact adventure. Rise with the sun at the meeting point in Lille and then descend on an intense drive toward the Swiss town of Thun, before crossing into France and finally finishing off in the Catalan capital, Barcelona.

There are plenty of places to stop off on the way, with clear lakes and a historic town or two for those history buffs. Like many other banger rallies, Barmy to Barcelona also encourages charity fundraising and posts the results online daily, to allow sponsors the chance to track your progress.

Visit the Barmy to Barcelona website.

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Mission Impossible Rally


Start Destination: Reims, France
Finish Destination: Prague, Czech Republic
Days: 3 (5, including travel time)
When: From 27 July 2018

Inspired by the Mission Impossible films, this crazy rally race is a real trip to remember. In-keeping with the element of mystery surrounding rallying, drivers are left to battle the uncertainty of the course on their own.

Other elements of excitement include a list of daily tasks to carry out, which will see the winner taking home a generous cash prize and bragging rights. So, pick your vehicle valued at £200 or less, dress it up in garish festoons and set off for a Mission Impossible adventure.

Visit the Mission Impossible Rally website.

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Italian Job Rally


Start Destination:  Imola, Italy
Finish Destination: Turin, Italy
Days: 6
When: From 27 October 2018

The annual touring event around Italy is a symbolic journey for all movie lovers of the original 1960’s cult classic. Featuring a unique set of rally race challenges, such as driving on a Grand Prix circuit, exclusive visits to local producers and discovering off-the-beaten-track places, this trip is sure to excite any rally fan.

Although the Mini Cooper is emblematic to the Italian Job, the event welcomes all cars featured in the 1969 film.

Visit the Italian Job Rally website.

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