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What Does Your Star Sign Say About Your Driving Style?

Are you a speed demon or a calm and considerate road user? Find out what your star sign says about your temperament behind the wheel

Many Britons keep an eye on their star sign and what it says about their daily life, but could it also affect our habits and technique behind the wheel?

We decided to survey 2,000 British car owners on how they describe their individual driving styles, as well as what bothers them about other motorists. We then analysed the results against each respondent’s Zodiac sign to see if there were any common themes when it comes to getting behind the wheel.

Renowned astrologist Bex Milford of Cosmic Cures also shared a detailed summary of each star sign, explaining whether your Zodiac sign marks you out as a speed demon or a leisurely coaster who is happy to cruise to their destination!

Here is what each star sign suggests about your driving style...


Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Those that fall under the first sign of the zodiac appear to be among the wildest drivers on the roads. One in ten (10%) of the Aries we surveyed described their driving as ‘reckless’, four times higher than the average! Almost one in five Aries (17%) described their driving as speedy.

Bex Milford says: “Aries will want to get there fast - there will be an element of competition in everything Aries does, for example if the Sat Nav says a certain time they’ll get there, they may want to be faster! Could be known as a speed demon. Will get very impatient in traffic jams and so will love open cliff-side roads where they can put the pedal to the metal. The kind to swear when they get stuck behind a tractor on a country road! Will not deal well with back seat drivers or being told what route to take/where to go – may ‘lock horns’ with that person.”

Common traits: Leadership, competitive, pioneering, impatient, self-motivated, independent, active

Driving style – ‘The Speed Demon’


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Taurus are linked with a sense of calm, and just under half of those that we surveyed (44%) described themselves as having a calm driving style, slightly higher than the average of 38%. Half of the Taurus we spoke to (50%) said that they get particularly annoyed by tailgaters.

Bex Milford says: “Taurus is a more cautious sign, so there will be no rushing about for them! They’ll get there when they get there. For this reason – and because they’re practical – they’ll often leave early. They’ll prefer drives that take them through the countryside, as they resonate strongly with the land, but if the most practical way is via the motorway, then so be it. Taurus would be the kind of driver to take snacks and water/drinks with them or stop for lunch somewhere! They’re not in a rush, generally. They won’t want to deviate from the map or the route though and would be the sign who would enjoy a diversion the least.”

Common traits: Patient, stubborn, calm, determined, persistent, common-sense, practical, down-to-earth, self-indulgent, appreciative of form and the finer things

Driving style – ‘The Cautious Planner’


Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Gemini drivers emerged as the most confident in our survey, with over half of those surveyed (55%) describing their driving style as confident. Even better, our astrology expert Bex Milford suggests that they are among the best passengers you can ask for! Half of the Gemini surveyed (50%) expressed annoyance at really fast drivers.

Bex Milford says: “A great passenger for anyone who gets bored as they’ll most likely have dynamic conversation or an interesting Playlist/Podcast they can suggest listening to! They like variety and diversity so spending hours on a motorway would seriously bore them. Diversions aren’t a problem as it’s a chance to experience new scenery! Gemini famously don’t like too much commitment so it could be they also suddenly decide to change their route halfway through driving! Their restlessness may mean that long periods in the car will frustrate them, or they’ll get antsy, so will need to stop and stretch their legs. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, associated with short-distance travel, so taking lots of short car trips is more likely for Gemini. That, or simply choosing to get a taxi from place to place!”

Common traits: Curious, chatty, flexible, adaptable, restless, sociable, busy

Driving style – ‘The Co-Pilot’



Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Those surveyed with a cancer star sign were the most likely to be upset by ‘really fast drivers’, with two thirds (67%) expressing annoyance at speed demons. Over a third of Cancer (37%) are also frustrated by middle-lane hoggers on the motorway.

Bex Milford says: “A generally quite careful, considerate driver who’ll be respectful of other drivers on the road. As a sign, they often make people feel protected, so their driving sign is likely to mirror this and passengers who drive with Cancer will feel safe. They’re also calm so being stuck in traffic won’t bother them too much, although being in rush hour or dealing with aggressive drivers could make them feel sensitive and cause them to get upset or have an emotional outburst.”

Common traits: Nurturing, sensitive, caring, sympathetic, sentimental

Driving style – ‘The Calming Influence’



Leo (July 23 – August 22):

Lions might rule the jungle, but one in twenty of the Leo we surveyed (5%) described their driving style as ‘panicky’! A further one in twenty (4%) described their driving as insecure.

Bex Milford says: “As the kings and queens of the jungle Leo’s like to dazzle, so their car and driving style will reflect this! They won’t like any criticism of their driving style, and generally want to be shown to ‘be the best’, so the route they choose should not be argued with! They’ll be confident drivers and have no problem setting off on a route they don’t know well. Even if they got lost, they wouldn’t like to admit it! Leo’s make great leaders and are enthusiastic about the tasks they are handed, so this would apply to their driving. However, there can be a penchant for the dramatic with Leo, so any hiccups on the route or with other drivers could be blown out of proportion! This is the sign who will arrive late (probably because they left house late as they were fixing their outfit!) and claim it was because ‘traffic was horrendous, and I was stuck in gridlock!’ even if they were only in a queue for five minutes.”

Common traits: Bold, courageous, attention-seeking, warm-hearted, generous, proud, confident

Driving style – ‘The Leader of the Pack


Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

One in ten of the Virgo surveyed (10%) described their driving style as ‘insecure’. Virgo respondents were the most likely to say that they don’t drive, with one in five (19%) revealing that they never get behind the wheel.

Bex Milford says: “Virgos will generally enjoy their time on the road, as they’ll like the methodology and routine of getting from A to B. They enjoy structure, so planning out the route will be necessary, but once they know exactly where they’re heading, they can sit back and enjoy the journey. This does mean that diversions or changes to the plan can give them the wobbles! However, they are the sign associated with skills and craftsmanship, and they may see driving as a kind of ‘skill’ that they enjoy honing. As the sign also associated with being of service to others, then they will likely be known for going out of their way to offer others a lift. They have a tendency towards criticism (both of others and themselves!) so will certainly have a point of view about the driving style if they are the passenger (either the driver will be going far too slowly or be too reckless!) but they may not vocalise it.”

Common traits: Meticulous, perfectionists, discerning, fastidious, modest, thoughtful

Driving style – ‘The Backseat Driver’


Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Bex Milford describes Libras as fair and balanced, and they certainly seem among the calmest drivers, with less than 1% describing their driving as reckless. Almost half of the Libra surveyed (46%) described their driving as cautious.

Bex Milford says: “Libras are known for liking to maintain harmony and balance, so they’re the kind of driver who may often ask ‘which way do you want to go? What suits you? Do you need to stop for a break? Is the air-con okay for you?’ They’re also known for being indecisive, so having to make snap decisions on the road isn’t ideal! They might take some time to decide on which route to take and will love to take routes that incorporate picturesque views, beauty spots, or glorious scenery. They’ll be very fair on the road, letting people in and generally being charming. Libra hates confrontation, so will steer clear of any kind of road rage or aggression if they can help it! Libras are also known for being tidy and pristine, so would look after their car both inside and outside, keeping it shining etc.”

Common traits: Balanced, fair, compromising, civilised, charming, elegant, co-operative, social

Driving style – ‘The Calming Presence’


Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Bex Milford tips Scorpio as among the faster drivers on the road, and the numbers back this up, with one in ten (11%) describing their driving as speedy, higher than the average of 7%. In a funny twist, half of the Scorpio surveyed (50%), expressed their annoyance at really fast drivers!

Bex Milford says: “This dramatic sign is either likely to enjoy the thrill of driving fast and darting around to get where they need to go or have an aversion to long distances or driving at night, preferring to have someone drive them so they’re the passenger! If they are the driver, they’ll hate being told what to do. There can be a potential for road rage or anger with this sign if things get too pent up, and the Scorpion’s sting can come out! They’re also the type to dominate the road and take risky manoeuvres such as overtaking or breaking the speed limit.”

Common traits: Dominating, intense, passionate, powerful, uncompromising, secretive

Driving style – ‘The Rage Racer’


Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

The eternal wanderers, many of the Sagittarius we surveyed described their driving as dynamic (15%) and confident (41%). Those born between late November and late December were also likely to describe their driving as calm (40%).

Bex Milford says: “Sagittarius is the eternal wanderer of the zodiac, so this is a sign that will love to get in the car and drive off into the wide blue yonder! Driving long distance for them will be a means to getting away, and they could really enjoy road trips if it takes them to far flung places. They’ll also enjoy driving abroad, or in any scenario where it turns into an adventure. They’re the optimists and not afraid of taking risks, so creating their own shortcut to see where it leads would be a common Sagittarius trait! It can also be said that Sagittarius is associated with being late, so this sign is the kind of person who won’t turn up at their destination exactly punctually! However, they are associated with teaching, so it could be they make good instructors.”

Common traits: Optimistic, adventurous, spontaneous, blunt, energetic

Driving style – ‘The Explorer’


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):

Capricorn drivers are among the most impatient on the roads, with almost half of those surveyed (47%) expressing annoyance at really slow drivers! One in four Capricorn (27%) are also annoyed by drivers who show no urgency at traffic lights and junctions.

Bex Milford says: “Capricorn generally likes to get things done – they won’t want detours; they’ll want to know the exact way of getting somewhere and will be frustrated if the plan goes awry. They like structure and so a simple motorway drive suits them to get from A to B – they may become more flummoxed or flustered if there are a lot of twisting turns to navigate. They tend to make careful drivers as Capricorn’s are known for being restrained and controlled.”

Common traits: Ambitious, reliable, grounded, persistent, dignified, careful

Driving style – ‘The A to B’


Aquarius (January 21 – February 18):

Aquarius are known for their independence, and this seems to be backed up by the numbers, as half of those we surveyed (49%) described their driving as confident. Over a quarter of Aquarius (28%) also admitted to being particularly irritated by drivers who show no urgency at traffic lights or junctions!

Bex Milford says: “Aquarius is the sign associated with independence, so as a driver they’ll enjoy the freedom of getting in their car and taking themselves off to experience brand new sights. Interestingly, they’re the sign associated with friendship and sociability as well, so it could be that they’re the sign to always have a car full of friends, driving to the beach or on an adventure. However, they’ll also value times when they are alone in their car, thinking and pondering – driving will be a good escape for them to process their thoughts and they might find it quite therapeutic to get in their car. There can also be a nomadic side to Aquarius, as this Air sign doesn’t like to be tied down, so living out of their vehicle or taking holidays that feature their vehicle can also be common.”

Common traits: Freedom-loving, rebellious, social, independent, unconventional, innovative

Driving style – ‘The Taxi Driver’


Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

The Pisces we surveyed like to have their own space, as almost two thirds (63%) described themselves as extremely annoyed by tailgaters. Drivers who fail to use their indicators are also particularly aggravating if you are a Pisces, with seven out of ten surveyed (70%) saying that it was a trait that they found annoying.

Bex Milford says: “Pisces are known to be the dreamers and poets of the zodiac, so it may be that concentration isn’t one of their strongpoints! Not that they’ll notice or worry – as long as they’re getting to where they need to go, nothing about being on the road really phases them unless they suddenly find they’ve missed a turn and are lost – then the worry sets in! On the road they may frustrate other drivers by failing to indicate when changing lanes or going too fast/slow as they’re in their own worlds. They make excellent passengers as they’re happy to just sit and watch the world go by!”

Common traits: Empathetic, spiritual, dreamy

Driving style – ‘The Indecisive Indicator’

Whether your driving style matches your zodiac sign, or if you have a mixture of different driving styles, here at Jardine Motors we have a range of new and used cars that can fit your driving personality.

She helps people align + shine with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies. The aim is to use the stars + the lunar flow to tap into your highest vibrations, moving from being the passenger on this star-studded journey to being the driving force!


2,000 British drivers surveyed on their driving styles and opinions of other drivers, with the findings analysed by each respondent’s star sign.

Star signs insight sourced exclusively from Bex Milford of Cosmic Cures.

About Bex Milford- @cosmic_cures

Bex is an Astrologer, cosmic coach and crystal healer. She’s contributed to The Express, The Daily Mail, Metro, Glamour and Bustle, holds regular virtual moon ceremonies + has held live events at festivals including Latitude, Lost Village + Soul Circus. Bex has an Astro-Guide subscription that helps you move through the month using cosmic energies and has developed a crystal healing course for beginners.  

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