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What car should Santa drive?

Have you ever wondered if Santa is really making the most of modern engineering with his current mode of transport? Without his sleigh and magical powers, Santa would have a tough time getting airborne the night before Christmas and delivering all the presents in time, so we’re curious to see how he would fare by ditching the reindeer (sorry, Rudolph) and setting out on the open road. Sure, it's difficult to argue with the boot capacity of a sleigh, but can it really measure up to the performance of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale or the comfort of the Aston Martin DB11?

Here, we try to answer such pressing questions by comparing Santa’s sleigh to a selection of cars across the categories of boot capacity, comfort, technology, safety, design and performance. See how each model fared below.


Ferrari SF90 Stradale




MINI Countryman


Aston Martin DB11


McLaren GT


Toyota GR Yaris


Audi RS6 Avant Vorsprung


In conclusion

It was a little unfair of us to compare Santa’s sleigh and reindeer power to more modern modes of transport, and while most of us would choose comfort, warmth and safety as the key features for our chosen travel options when carrying out our own festive deliveries, nothing really compares to the magic and twinkling of the sleigh bells over our roofs on Christmas Eve!

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