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Who Do I Ring If I Have Lost My Speeding Ticket?


I got caught speeding and received my ticket but I have now lost it. Who do I ring to get another one issued? I need to know asap as I think it is almost due.


The idea of the fixed penalty system is to speed up the paperwork involved and cut down on the number of minor traffic offenders (which includes speeding drivers) ending up in the courts, which wastes their time and ours. The speeding ticket that you received would have given you the option of paying the fixed penalty or appealing against it. This was sent out by the regional police force in the area where you were caught speeding, not the one where you live.

If you have good grounds to appeal against the ticket then you should fill in the details on the back and send it back within 21 days. However, if you can't send it back (because you've lost it) then most forces do send out a reminder. Sometimes people don't receive the first one so the first they know about the offence is the reminder.

Responding Without Appealing

If you don’t want to appeal against the speeding ticket but just want to pay the fine and get it over and done with, then you would normally fill the ticket in and send it back with your licence and a cheque to cover the fine. With speeding the current standard penalty is £60 and three points on your licence, unless you were going much faster than the relevant speed limit. That's why you have to send your licence in, to get the points put on it.

As you haven't got the ticket, you can send all of that into the police force who caught you, if you can find out the right address and person to send it to. But without the ticket, it's not likely you'll remember all the details. It's also a risk to send your licence off into a central police office without the right paperwork as there's a good chance you'll never see it again.

Use the Internet

If you have access to the internet you can look up the regional police offices websites and find out the phone number of the right department at the relevant force. It's likely to be called the Fixed Penalty Unit or the Central Ticket Office, something along those lines.

Give them a ring and explain what's happened. You'll need to give them all your details, the car's details and your best guess as to when the offence was committed. They should be able to look it up on their computer systems and let you know what the deadline is for replying. In most cases, they will re-issue the paperwork and give you another chance to pay but they do not have to do this.

Even if the deadline has passed you can still pay the fine and then it will be up to the head of the ticket processing department to decide whether to prosecute or not.


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