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New Car Innovations: The Top 5

Long gone are the days when only high-end models would be fitted out with the newest automotive innovations. Now, in 2022 budget-friendly models are also being released with top spec adaptations and the latest safety features. Due to this increase in accessibility, we have taken a look at the current innovative inventions, as well as those that are still in the research phase but could lead the way in the next generation of automotive.

If you are keen to embrace the latest in-car tech, here is a round-up of what to look out for on your next model. 

Automated Driving

It may still be hard to imagine for most, but we are now in an age where automakers are racing to be the first to deliver driverless vehicles in the UK.

In fact, the government wants the UK to be at the forefront of self-driving cars; proposals for autonomous car insurance laws have already been created and numerous trials have popped up across the country.

Additionally, a perk of a self-drive vehicle will mean that the driver is free to connect with their business life or with entertainment, so expect enhanced in-car live streaming capabilities, augmented reality window displays, upgraded TV screens and bespoke music systems.

Activity Key Access

Convential key entry could soon be a thing of the past as wristband access reaches the marketplace. To activate and unlock the vehicle simply tap the band against a specific spot on the door panel. With one touch your car is then open, with Jaguar’s Activity Key giving drivers one of the first 'keyless' experiences. In addition, these bands have been manufactured with waterproof materials, so drivers who often engage in sports or water based activities no longer have to worry about bringing a set of car keys along.  

In cooperation with Apple, BMW is the first car maker in the world to offer customers a digital car key on their iPhone. In the future, you will be able to set up a car key on a compatible iPhone and share it with up to five friends. Here’s how the BMW Digital Key works. Our Product Genius Aidan Smith presents you with the new launch from BMW and Apple - a Digital Key - a news feature available on your phone. Explore the new era of mobile keys. From July 1st 2020 Production, the following vehicles are compatible if ordered with 322 Comfort Access: The 1 Series F40 The 2 Series F44 The 3 Series G20 G21 The 4 Series G22 G23 The 5 Series G30 The 8 Series G14 G15 G16 The X5 G05 The X6 G06 The X7 G07 The M5 F90 The M8 F91 F92 F93 The X5M F95 The X6M F96 Find a great range of cars compatible:

Exit Warning Systems

A more recent innovation is the exit warning system, which has proven to be one of the most advanced safety features to date. This technology uses rear looking parking sensors which operate by sending out notifications when it detects the presence of incoming bikes or vehicles. The exit warning system has been created to keep drivers safe on the road.


And not only does it notify the driver of a possible hazard but it also activate lights to alert and draw attention to the passenger too!

AR Driving Experiences


While Augmented Reality test drives are becoming a new step in the buying journey, AR has been utilised in automotive to streamline segments of information, like the speed long with step by step directions into the driver's line of view.

Overall AR merges safety and convenience, allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road rather than on busy dashboards, infotainment displays or navigational devices. For example, the first-generation of Augmented Reality in cars often feature as heads up displays (HUD), proven to improve safety as road warnings and congestion updates are set out at eye-level on the vehicles windshield.

Safety First

Car safety technology can now automatically slow to match the pace of traffic and stay in their lanes, but it doesn't stop there.

Leading the way in safety innovation is Mercedes with their Pre-Safe Sound feature. This system has been produced to emit a particular frequency and sound inside the car in times when a collision is looming. Mercedes have said that the sound has been constructed to activate a natural reflex in the ear canals to mostly block out loud impact and airbag launch sounds in an accident.

Continuing to hold onto top positions in this category, Mercedes and Lexus have introduced automated emergency stop assistance, which can sense if the driver has become unresponsive behind the wheel. In those instances the system has the functionality to slow the vehicle to a stop within its lane, before activating the hazard lights and informing emergency services.

In instances where the unexpected creeps out onto the road, these models have automatic steering avoidance, which allows their vehicles to automatically swerve to dodge obstacles and pedestrians unintentionally in their paths. 


Jaguar Land Rover’s future cabin air purification technology has been shown in laboratory tests to inhibit viruses and airborne bacteria by as much as 97 per cent. The prototype heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system uses Panasonic’s nanoe™ X** technology to inhibit harmful bacteria and viruses, and will help the cabins of future Jaguar and Land Rover models to deliver a unique customer experience.

To provide active air purification the nanoe™ X technology - ten times more effective than its predecessor nanoe™ - uses a high voltage to create trillions of Hydroxyl (OH) Radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules. This pioneering research will allow Jaguar Land Rover to offer the next generation of advanced cabin air filtration in the future. Models^ across the Jaguar range, including the new all-electric Jaguar I-PACE performance SUV, and Land Rover line-up – including the Discovery and Range Rover Evoque – currently offer nanoe™ technology and PM2.5 filtration. An innovative pre-conditioning feature is also available so customers can enable getting into the vehicle.

In the Pipeline…

In other news battery input into cars is changing. At present, teams of researchers are testing components like polymer fibre and carbon resin door panels which would work to house a power supply with the capabilites of a quicker recharge. In doing this, the weight of the vehicle would be significantly reduced.

While very much still a work in progress, the capabilities of solar power is evolving and could soon shape the future of automation. This is because experts envision a world where cars are powered by the sun using specialist glass on the windscreen. While no official statement regarding this has been released, who knows where innovation can take us in years to come!



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