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About Penalty Points & Fines...

A resource for UK motorists, our articles offers you a safe haven to help with challenges that can come as a result of driving. You'll find tips on handling and managing your driving licence and how to stay on the correct side of the law.


Speeding Fine FAQs: What To Do If You Get a Speeding Ticket

Have you found yourself on the receiving end of a speeding fine lately? You're not alone – the number of speeding tickets issued to drivers in the UK increases every year. It's no surprise, as digital speed cameras are becoming more advanced whilst variable speed limits on motorways catch many people out.



Fast, Furious & Off the Road

Hollywood has long held a fascination with the car chase. Whether an old-school classic like The Italian Job, or a modern blockbuster like Fast & Furious, the car chase remains a timeless hit. Whist it is fun to watch these death-defying actions on screen, the reality is that these actions would be extremely dangerous.



Who Do I Ring If I Have Lost My Speeding Ticket?

I got caught speeding and received my ticket but I have now lost it. Who do I ring to get another one issued? I need to know asap as I think it is almost due.



Top 10 Driving Myths Debunked

No matter how long you’ve been driving for, it’s likely that you’ve been told a myth or two about UK driving laws. To separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ve put together a list of the most common driving misconceptions to assist you on the road. So if you’re unsure about leaving your interior lights on while driving or reaching down for your morning flask of tea, we’re here to help!



How To Transport Your Pooch Safely

48% of UK dog owners could be breaking the Highway Code by not restraining their dogs properly in the car, reveals the Dogs Trust.

Driving with your pet is sometimes a necessity, whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a longer trip for a weekend away. Many people don’t know the safest way to travel with their dogs though and some are unknowingly breaking the law.



Everything You Need To Know About How To Tow A Caravan

We all need a break occasionally – a chance to switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life and spend some quality time with our loved ones or by ourselves. Holidays offer us the perfect chance to do just that, as well as the opportunity to see the world and explore new places.



When Is the Best Time to Check Your Car Tyres

Checking your tyres is just one of many manual checks you should carry out to ensure your car is legal and safe to drive. When to change them is dependent on the time of year, age and overall appearance of the tyres, but spending a few minutes to regularly check them is a task that will save you time and money.



Weekly Vehicle Checks

Keeping your car well maintained and safe to drive means that you are less likely to pose a danger to your passengers, pedestrians and other people on the road - and it will also reduce the amount of pollution it causes too.



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