Top Level Security: Car Tracker Technology

Did you know that 113,000 vehicles were stolen in 2018, according to Home Office crime statistics? That’s is a rise of almost 50% compared with five years earlier and is equivalent to 300 thefts each day, happening every 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, more than half of these vehicles will never be recovered.

If you’re left unsure what to do about protecting your vehicle from theft or fear you may live in a theft hotspot, a car tracking device could help you to stop criminals in their tracks. Here’s what you need to know about the latest tracking technology.

Car Tracker Tech Explained

What is a GPS car tracking device?

From electric energy, to keyless cars, to automated driving, new car technology has advanced to make our modern driving experience a futuristic reality.

But while driving a desirable car is a positive experience, being targeted by thieves is a sad reality UK drivers are increasingly subject to – for both new and old car owners.

Fitting your car with a car tracking device can help protect car owners from being without our cars, by tracking a stolen vehicle and helping police to recover it.

Just like your in-car navigation system, GPS tracking works by using a set of satellites to omit a signal from your car to determine the physical location based on the distance from the satellites, keeping a record of your route and live location.

Why Would You Need a Car Tracker?

It goes without saying that we are dependent on our cars, and living without it from any period of time disrupts not only with your plans, but your finances and sense of security for your most valuable possessions.

The true cost of vehicle theft is about more than simply losing a vehicle, there are both financial and emotional consequences to deal with. When you are unable to recover your car, you are faced with making an insurance claim and may face losing your insurance excess and no claims bonus, as well as potential increased premiums and car hire costs. Not to mention the personal inconvenience and distress. 

In such an unfortunate event, you want to make sure you quickly get it back.

Modern Theft Technology

In recent years, thieves have even began to target and access cars by hacking keyless entry systems. According to TRACKER, keyless entry car theft is on the rise, up 22% since 2016. Reports found a staggering 88% of the vehicles recovered using a TRACKER device were stolen without the owner’s keys.

This is an increase of 8% from 2017 figures but, perhaps more worryingly, an increase of 22% since 2016. Unfortunately, as car technology has evolved, so have the methods by which thieves are now using to steal vehicles.

Combating theft using a car tracker will mean that you car is monitored and you will be sent an alert to notify your of any unusual activity, as wwell as being followed via GPS if stolen.

Best Tracking Technology For You

Finding a suitable tracking device for your vehicle, may be a concern dependant on the type of vehicle you have.

But innovative tracking technology, such as Tracker has products designed for hybrid and electric vehicles and even has an enhanced stolen vehicle service which tackles the issue of keyless car attacks by alerting the driver if the vehicle moves without use of the correct keys.

Furthermore, tracking technology is not just restricted to cars and vans either.

A motorbike represents freedom on the open road, they are often so unique, lovingly modified to personal style and spec, that replacing them is no easy task. Protecting something as precious as you motorbike is also possible with a tracking device; innovative technology can track your bike, even if it is contained within another vehicle or shipping container. So why risk it?

  • Motorhomes and caravans

From classic camper vans, to the latest tech laden motorhome. Each is a highly valuable asset, both in value and in the fondness owners have for their beloved home-from-home. Tracker technology can help remove the vulnerability you may feel around potential theft, giving you peace of mind.

Will Your Car Go Off the Radar?

The latest and most sophisticated trackers can even detect GPS signals from underground, meaning if your car or vehicle has been taken underground, hidden in a metal container for transport, or even taken across Europe, a tracking device will ensure your car remains visible to the police.

How do you put a tracking device on a car?

This really depends on the sophistication of the device and where you purchase the device. Generally speaking if you purchase a device from a reputable tracking company/provider, they will have one of the engineers out to your vehicle to install the tracker somewhere in the car.

If you purchase a less sophisticated device it may be magnetic and can be self-installed. Whichever you choose ensure it’s up to the job and provides the type of tracking you’re after.

Are tracking devices worth the money?

There is no doubt, having a tracking device installed in your car is one of the best ways to protect it from theft and the complications that come with that.

The investment in one of these devices will also lower your car insurance premium and in the long run could even save you money – as well as the hassle and heartbreak should the worst happen.

Protecting your car is important and the more you spend the more likely it is you’ll consider tracking. Whatever you choose for your tracking solution always do your research first and make sure your tracking device is up to the job.