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Tech Me to the Future: New Car Tech Leading the Way


In an era where technology has positioned itself at the forefront of society, high-end vehicles are no longer the only cars to be kitted out with the newest car tech. In fact, all manufacturers are keen to provide safer driving experiences through features like; automatic headlights, Autonomous Emergency Braking (ABS) and keep lane assist.

Since many cars are now benefiting from an impressive entry-level spec, we wanted to look at some of the best in-car gizmos and gadgets of today, as well as those set to shape the future of driving.

Car Tech Today


Blind Spot Monitoring

A disadvantage of driving longer, more sizeable vehicles is the enhanced blind spot. However, manufacturers like Mazda, Mercedes, and Honda have implemented blind spot monitoring to help sense when a car or other object is in the area you can't see. For situations where your line of vision is compromised, this technology is here to be your second pair of eyes.

Keep Lane Assist

Keep Lane Assist is one of the most sought after Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Created to warn and assist drivers when their vehicle drifts unsafely across roads markings, this is one of many new safety features set to reduce the likelihood of collisons on our ever busier roads.


Automatic Lift Gates

With this useful assist you’ll never have to lift your arms above you head again! Automatic lift gates give you safe access to the rear of the vehicle and room to manoeuvre when it comes to parking. Simply wave your foot under the rear bumper, or if you’re using a proximity key when you approach the boot it will automatically pop open.

Heated Steering Wheel

Like heated seats, there is nothing better than warming up your frosty fingers on a winters day. With the added benefit of a heated steering wheel, you have a better grip – as well as no longer having to consider the texture of your gloves when sitting behind the wheel!

Parking assist/rear-view/360 cameras

Automated parking assistant takes the worry out of reverse parking. Its goal is to make sure you park your vehicle safely and avoid the potential collisions with other cars, cyclists or even pedestrians. Our personal favourite are self-parking vehicles, a technology utilised by brands like Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and Jaguar, with the 2017 Audi ‘clown’ adverts highlighting how simple park assist technology can be.

New Car Tech Developments

Head-Up Displays

Initially utilised by the armed forces in military fighter jets, head up display (HUD) is a perfect fusion of technology and safety. This high tech device has been designed to help keep your eyes on the road by reducing dangerous distractions. The device can project the key stats onto the windshield or on a separate screen and can be changed to show key information relevant to you.

Now becoming increasingly common in models like the BMW series 7, you don’t have to shell out for a military grade vehicle to get your hands on this tech. If you’d like to test out the tech before upgrading your vehicle, there are a range of customisable after-market solutions out there tailored to suit your budget.  

Massaging Seats

Most commonly found in luxury cars, massaging seats have been designed to soothe and strengthen your back and leg muscles while embarking on your daily commute. Available on select vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz AMG E43 and the Jaguar XJ series, the massaging cogs built into the front seats can be set at different frequencies to give an ultimate spa like experience.  

Unfortunately this device isn’t currently available in lower spec vehicles, though there are cost effective accessories like car seat massagers if you’d like to test it out for yourself.


Electric Cars

While this isn’t an in-car piece of tech, electric cars are paving the way for future driving, with the UK government planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. Although the price bracket for electric cars is a little higher, this is set to change, with ­­­the likes of Volkswagen, BMW and Toyota  releasing their own range of affordable electric cars, to challenge the more luxury Tesla range on the roads.

Self-Drive Future

While innovative car tech improvements are unveiled each year, some vehicle capabilities are a little closer to general release than others. Nevertheless, driver-less cars will be here before you know it.

With the likes of Tesla, Apple and Google leading the way for self-drive technology, many car companies aim to roll out vehicles with driverless capabilities by 2020 – with full autonomous vehicles to follow suit just a few years later.

Aiming to improve traffic and fuel efficiency, as well as saving time (and lives!), we welcome the day when looking at passing traffic to see a driver-less car comes as no surprise.

If you’re still wary of this futuristic tech, do not fear! Self-driving cars are in fact still learning to drive and it may not be something the real world is quite ready for. Testing is vital for its learning and progress – one which may take some time to perfect.

Don’t be Baffled by Technology

49% of the people asked in our latest survey said they find car tech baffling

Our recent survey found that in-car technology baffles nearly half of all motorists.*

So if you find yourself struggling to get to grips your car tech and are likely to be wasting a lot of the technology your car has to offer, you’re not alone. But don’t be baffled by in-car tech, embrace it!

If you would like to understand how to enhance your driving experience with these features, our dedicated sales team can help at your nearest Jardine Motors Group location.

*1000 motorists surveyed