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7 Top Songs For Your British Summer Road Trip

Wherever your summer road trip may take you, we have found the perfect soundtrack to make your trip activity even better. Just simply add these songs to your next playlist, because every great story needs epic music to match it.

It should come as no surprise that listening to music while driving can not only set the mood but also be an activity in itself. Listening to music is 88% of the British public's favourite activity, followed by 84% spending time with friends and 83% spending time with family. We all know how stressful it can be to plan a road trip with friends or family. So we've created a playlist of song recommendations to help you get in the mood for your chosen road trip activity, whether it's surfing, hiking, or even seeing a historic castle.



On Your Way to Surf

Although the typical weather patterns in the United Kingdom are not ideal for surfing, each year there is an estimated 500,000 people all around the UK, that hop on a board and catch some waves. You could not only be one of them but you can, with our suggestion, make your surfing experience even better. 

When surfing, you must consider the best car to travel in, to reach your surf destination. Your car will be exposed to salt air for extended periods, so it must be tough and durable. You don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere if your car breaks down. The 2022 Land Rover Defender is ideal for this, with all-season tyres and built-in navigation. This car is designed for explorers and adventurers, so everything has a functional purpose. 

Luckily, as an island, we are surrounded by a picturesque coastline full of excellent surfing spots. North Devon and Cornwall have award-winning beaches, and thousands of families and fun-seekers visit each summer to take in the breathtaking views. If you are feeling more adventurous, there are even smaller hidden gem beaches, that are difficult to reach but reward you with golden sands and spectacular scenery. Northeast Scotland, on the opposite side of the United Kingdom map, is another option. It may not be as hot and sunny as the previous two options, but this northerly tip of the Scottish mainland is known for producing the most consistent and high-quality waves. 

We believe that creating a fun and positive atmosphere is essential for an activity like surfing. Let's Go Surfing by The Drums is our song selection for this. This song was first released in the United Kingdom on September 15, 2009. It is not only about surfing, but it also perfectly depicts the happy feelings you want to have before heading to the beach for a wave-riding session.

Song Suggestion: Let's Go Surfing – By the Drums

Exploring Castles


Discover Magnificent Castles

Exploring castles is one of the most popular holiday activities for families and couples, with over 1,500 castles to choose from in the United Kingdom. While some are little more than ruins, many are people's homes that have been made into hotels.  These large structures are guaranteed to inspire the imagination while you're exploring the insides of the walls, feeling the history, and making connections with the past. 

If you need a road trip inspiration, browse The National Trust, which owns and maintains the properties, and suggests three castles. 

The first is Bodiam Castle, located near Robertsbridge in East Sussex. This 14th-century moated castle with a ruined interior offers a glimpse of mediaeval majesty. It is widely regarded as one of Britain's most picturesque castles in the heart of a historic landscape.  

Castle Ward in Downpatrick, County Down. This castle is worth seeing for its 18th-century mansion, and the surrounding area has gained notoriety for being used in filming locations for the television series Game of Thrones.

Finally, Castle Drogo, located near Exeter, Devon, is their final option. Where striking architecture meets contemporary family living. Sir Edwin Lutyens designed it for self-made millionaire Julius Drewe. Although it appears to be ancient, this magnificent structure was built only 100 years ago. 

Travelling to the most popular castles in the United Kingdom should be as enjoyable as possible. The Mercedes-Benz EQB, which combines luxury and comfort, comes standard with five seats and is optionally available with seven seats. As a result, it accommodates a wide range of family arrangements and transportation requirements. With this much space, it's easy to become engrossed in the scenery as it passes by. 

It's difficult to choose a track for an activity that leaves you with a feeling sense of wonder. Lake Shore Drive is a song used in films like Guardians Of The Galaxy to inspire feelings of adventure, and it's suitable for discovering castles.

Song Suggestion: Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah



Enhance Your Hike

There might not be anything quite simply rejuvenating and relaxing as a hike with friends, family or just by yourself. Some love the beautiful bliss of nature and then there are some who love to plug in their headphones and create their own movie-like adventure. For the second people, we have a song you could add to your playlist!

You could argue that getting ready for the drive to the hike location is just as important as getting ready for the hike itself. Make sure you have the correct supplies, allow enough time to get to your destination and always check the traffic news forecast. There are 16 National Trails in England and Wales and 29 Great Trails in Scotland, so you can likely reach one of these in a few hours of driving.

When you think of hiking, you might wonder if your car has enough room for all your gear and travel companions. The brand-new Range Rover 2022 has plenty of space. Built specifically to build on the success of previous generations by improving quality, comfort, and technology while maintaining the ability to navigate difficult terrain with a relaxed sense of ease. This vehicle possesses all the characteristics required for a hiking trip. 

We think this song greatly pairs with a walking activity, bouncy and happy, 'Send Me On My Way' by Rusted Root was created in 1992 and the band's frontman, Michael Glibicki, said this about the song "It was just a very, very happy feeling. You could feel that there was a lot of happiness in the room.". This song quite literally sends you on your way and might even help you push through those last minutes until you reach your end destination.

Song Suggestion: Send Me On My Way – By Rusted Root

Exploring a New City


City Exploring

When it comes to visiting a new city, the UK has a wide variety of diverse and dynamic cities, each with its own intriguing cultures and experiences. With the option of visiting any of 56 cities, you could visit a few in a single day if you're up to it. Some cities are within driving distance; for example, Liverpool and Manchester, both famous for their music, are neighbouring cities that are approximately 40 minutes drive apart.

A typical city will have many streets, many of which are narrow and congested. MINIs are a great asset to have in these situations because they are manoeuvrable and conserve energy. The MINI convertible is ideal for city exploration because you can fully enjoy the scenery by lowering the roof and immersing yourself in the culture. 

Visiting a new place, especially a city, can make you feel as if you're in the middle of your movie, and every great movie requires a soundtrack. Iggy Pop's song 'The Passenger' was released in 1977. This catchy song is ideal for a road trip because it was inspired by the artist's long journeys.

Having the right companion is essential whether you're sightseeing, bar hopping, or simply strolling through central park. We believe that our song selection will lift your spirits while you explore; adding more purpose and choosing the right location can also help. Including a memorable song on a trip can also actually assist you to remember the experience; whenever the song plays, it will bring back pleasant memories.

Song Suggestion: The Passenger – By Iggy Pop

Lazy Beach Day & Costal Drives


What More Could You Need

Every year, road trips are a popular summer holiday activity in the United Kingdom. Whether you are heading to the lush green countryside of Wales or the golden Devon coast, taking a scenic route will make the trip more interesting and enjoyable. When driving down a winding coastal road, we strongly recommend a cabriolet, also known as a convertible. This type of vehicle will help you maximise your enjoyment of your road trip, so put the roof down and feel the breeze. 

Taking a break from driving on a road trip is very advised and why not take a break on a beautiful sandy beach. In the UK there are many beaches, a few covered in pebbles, and many covered in golden sand.  

Everyone has their favourites, but thanks to the internet, you can see which are the most popular; for example, a study in 2021 looked at Instagram hashtags to determine which beaches are the most photogenic. Brighton Beach, considered one of the most popular in the UK took first place, with over 764,562 posts containing the hashtag 'brightonbeach.' Durdle Door Beach in Dorset, England, came in second. This beach drew attention due to its unique door-shaped rock, which garnered 204,697 views with the hashtag 'durdledoor.' Another beach worth mentioning is Bournemouth Beach (Pier), which came third in this study with 124,975 hashtags and is in Dorset, England. Whatever beach you choose to rest your tired head-on, take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking views.  

With its slow beat and calming lyrics, Groove Armada's song, By The River, sets the tone for lazy beach relaxation. This song may feel like it was written for this moment, and it very well could be. The band wrote this song in the Lake District, which is in northwest England and is known for its breathtaking scenery; there is little doubt that this environment inspired this song. 

Song Suggestion: By The River by Groove Armada



Quiet Forest Camping 

There are thousands of campsites in the United Kingdom, and we know finding the best one for your needs can become tricky.  We're confident that if you're going camping in England, Scotland, or Wales, or even glamping in the UK, we'll have a song that matches the road trip to your destination. 

Camping has reached a new high in popularity in recent years, and with restrictions just easing in many countries and holiday costs rising, camping may become the go-to holiday again this year. Google search interest reflects this surge in interest; search terms for "caravan" and "camping" peaked at an all-time high in July 2020, up 56% from July 2019. 

When it comes to packing your camping gear, it is always best to have a suitable vehicle for transport. We recommend an SUV because it provides extra space and comfort for your journey. 

Corner of the Earth by Jamiroquai is our song recommendation for a well-needed break from busy life and to help reconnect back with nature. This song talks about the issues with the earth and helps us empathise while also reflecting, which is needed from time to time. 

Song Suggestion: Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth

Driving Track Day


Driving Fun

A day on the driving track is extremely exciting for a driving enthusiast, and each driver has their own personal preferences. The driving conditions, as well as the circuit, can determine how memorable a track day is. Driving tracks are loved because regular drivers can attend a track day and test their vehicles on a motor racing circuit. The majority of drivers want to push their own, often tuned-up, cars beyond what they've ever done on average UK roads, where speed limits and junctions shape the types of legal driving experiences. 

While you can drive the car of your dreams on the track, you may want to arrive in style. BMW has a wide range of daring vehicles, but the BMW 1 Series hatchbacks provide style and comfort while making it easier to share the journey with your travel companions. 

We want you to enjoy both the journey and the destination. We recommend pairing a soundtrack that will get you focused and, in the zone, while imagining yourself testing performance, speed, handling, and overall driving. There are numerous driving tracks to choose from, so we have compiled a list of the top 12 driving experiences and track days to help you on your way to driving freedom. 

More Than a Feeling by Boston is a song that has long been recognised for driving, and this is because the song simply provides a great feeling, which you will need while driving around the track.

Song Suggestion: More Than a Feeling by Boston 



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