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Future Classic Cars

Jardine Motors Group asked YOU to vote on which car is the one that will be remembered as the iconic car from the present. 

The votes have been counted... and the winner...the Ferrari 458 Speciale!

In order for a car to be considered a classic, it must have a personality" – Paul Michaels, Chairman of Hexagon Classics*

Ferrari 458 Speciale


Why vote for me: As the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 Ferrari ever built, I’m easy to drive and hold the award for Engine of the Year in 2015.


The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the last ‘Naturally Aspirated’ V8 engine that Ferrari will produce. Not only is it the last, but it is the most powerful V8 Ferrari has ever made.

Lighter, faster and more extreme than any Ferrari on the market at the current time, this one-of-a-kind car features new technological innovations in electronics, brakes, suspension and tyres that deliver genuinely superb performances worthy of the Speciale moniker.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale will satisfy all with its impressive performance-driven metrics including a steering response time of 0.060 seconds and lateral acceleration of 1.33 g which is the highest ever achieved for a Ferrari production car. In addition the 458 Speciale debuts new electronic management called Side Slip Angle Control (SSC) which calculates the car’s side slip angle, and available grip creating improved acceleration around corners, greater ease and control, resulting in overall greater performance and handling.

The 458 Speciale is extremely satisfying and easy to drive.

Volkswagen Golf GTI


Why vote for me: As the most iconic hot hatch out there, I defined what it means to be a hot hatch.


One of the best-selling performance hot hatches available, the Volkwagen Golf GTI combines tradition with exhilarating performance in its latest model.

With chequered sports seats, stitched steering wheel and GTI badged wheel and grille, the Golf GTI is distinctive, stylish and powerful. With more power than ever before, the Golf GTI is equipped with a new turbocharged 2.0 litre engine, sports running gears and a lowered sports suspension, resulting in exceptional handling - especially on tight corners - while also providing plenty of driver assistance. This thrilling and responsive hot hatch offers the same exceptional handling in both the automatic and six speed gearbox versions.

More leg room is not the only added benefit to the latest Golf GTI version, but the car comes equipped with top of the range technology – making it the smartest Golf yet.

As Jeremy Clarkson said in his Daily Telegraph review, the Golf GTI “….is a wonderful car. It’s equipped like a Bentley, it goes like a Ferrari.”

Adored by many, the Golf GTI offers drivers the stylish look and feel of a hot hatch whilst also being able to transport a family of five. Joyful to drive, the Golf GTI also maintains its resale value superbly, making it an icon in the making.

Mercedes-AMG GT R


Why vote for me: The best Mercedes on the market, I am not only stylish but use my racing DNA to redefine the driving experience. 


Taking styling cues from the GT3 race car, the sporty Mercedes- AMG GT R looks as good as it sounds.

Lighter and faster than any AMG, the Mercedes-AMG GT R is able to clock 0 to 62 mph in as little as 3.6 seconds, with a max speed of 198 mph. Combining ferocious power and performance with jaw-dropping looks the Mercedes-AMG GT R was designed by racing experts but developed for everyday exhilaration. With the trademark AMG innovation the Mercedes-AMG GT R has a 585 hp 4-litre twin-turbo V8 and was designed to get pulses racing and to rival the Porsche 911 on and off the track.

With two turbochargers, its racing DNA is immediately apparent when you get behind the wheel. From the AMG rear axle steering to the AMG Traction Control, this car is not only the fastest in the Mercedes portfolio but it is also the easiest to drive.  With its impressive four wheel steering system, the AMG GT R can turn its wheels by as much as 1.5 degrees, making it much more responsive and proving to be Mercedes best performance vehicle.

A force on and off the track, the Mercedes-AMG GT R is the best Mercedes in market offering supreme driving experience.

Aston Martin C V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80


Why vote for me: Combining the best of British, I am a one-of-a-kind car offering an unparalleled driving experience.


A rare car, only eight were commissioned by Aston Martin Cambridge to celebrate one of the most iconic designs in British history, and mark the 80th anniversary of the Supermarine Spitfire’s first flight.

Aston Martin Cambridge V12 Vantage S ‘Spitfire 80’ was tailored by the ‘Q’ by Aston Martin Team – a division of Aston Martin which provides a bespoke personalisation service. The car comes in a specially made one-off colour, Duxford Green, with the trademark Spitfire yellow pinstripe on the side strakes and deck lid. Also included are front and rear diffusers in satin carbon fibre; a louvred bonnet in Duxford Green to create a bold profile; and solid sterling silver Aston Martin wings badges with tailored ‘Old English White’ inlay.

In honour of Spitfire’s heritage, several components for the car were hand crafted by the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford. Most notably, the tailpipe finishers with rainbow ‘bloom’ effect to match the Spitfire exhaust stack, and an aluminium rear cabin finisher that matches the strut brace found in a Supermarine Spitfire.

Internally, ‘Spitfire 80’ model boasts an array of features including the Spitfire 80 logo embroidered in Raven Black onto the headrests; saddle leather floor mats with sheepskin inserts in relating to the iconic Irvin jacket; the passenger airbag embroidered with its unique aircraft identification code; and door inserts finished with door pulls in red ‘webbing’ to match the Spitfire aircraft.

Completing the aviation theme, the Aston Martin Cambridge V12 Vantage S ‘Spitfire 80 ’ was sold with tailored accessories including a unique Irvin Jacket with Spitfire 80 logo stitched inside; Irvin flying helmet and flying goggles; Spitfire themed car cover and embossed owners’ manual.

Lamborghini Aventador


Why vote for me: Offering an award winning driving experience, I excel on the road and offer high-level technology along with comfort in a smooth, but fast, experience.


As a brand known for its instantly recognisable cars, Lamborghini’s Aventador models embody the DNA of the iconic Lamborghini look: the authentic design masterpieces bring together stark dynamism with aggression to deliver a monster of a supercar.  As evidenced by its Nurburgring lap time of 6min 59secs, the Aventador has the raw performance to deliver an authentic driving experience. 

Equipped with the vast rear wing and contrasting styling elements the SV looks incredible on the road. The interior of the Aventador combines high-level technology and luxury equipment with premium-quality materials, skillfully crafted with the expertise characteristic of the finest Italian traditions.

The Aventador SV model in particular is one of the most desirable in the range and already used cars are being valued higher than the new list price. It’s no surprise really when EVO Magazine rates the SV as “….just as exciting and dramatic as supercars get.”

Married with V12 power and best-in-class technology the Aventador has revolutionized the concept of super cars and is bringing the future of cars to the present.

BMW i3


Why vote for me: I have redefined the car industry and have led the way to bring sustainable motoring to the everyday.


The i3 marks the beginning of a new era for BMW. It symbolises BMW’s mission for sustainable mobility and is the first mass production electric car. 

In keeping with the pioneering spirit of BMW’s long tradition of motoring developments, the i3 is a step into the future, offering sustainable driving, generating zero emissions with the same agility and acceleration to get from 0-62 in just 7.3 seconds, retaining the power and performance BMW is renowned for.

In terms of range, the i3 offers around 125 miles, though with the Range Extender option you can add upto 80 miles, which is a great addition for those that use the car for longer journeys. Those journeys will be made easier with a great infotainment system, consisting of DAB radio, a 6.5 inch screen and sat-nav.

What makes the i3 iconic is the fact it is revolutionizing the automobile industry and changing consumer behaviours across the globe. Trailblazing the industry, the i3 leads by example and is a car that combines social responsibility with exceptional driving pleasure.

Honda Civic Type R


Why vote for me: As the world’s fastest front-wheel-drive car in the marketplace, it’s no secret I am a fan favourite. With best-in-class performance and modern touches – I am an icon in the making.


One of the most popular hot hatches in the marketplace the Honda Civic Type R is the world's fastest production front-wheel-drive car and has been re-engineered with track-focused technology and advanced aerodynamics. With a modern design, trendy body style and powerful performance –it truly is a car to be enjoyed by all.

Designed for the pursuit of performance, the car’s unique shape is as dramatic as it is functional, working to optimise airflow, boosting down-force and providing improved handling and high speed stability.

With the ability to go from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and achieve 169mph top speed the Type R has a motorsport feel with the comfort and electronics to be enjoyed on the everyday journey.

Surrounded by premium materials, climate control, cruise control, electronic parking brake and a new 7” touch-screen Honda CONNECT in-car audio and information system the car combines performance and safety in its cleverly engineered design. The Type R comes with a host of safety technologies including the latest Honda SENSING suite that includes a Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist System and Traffic Sign Recognition.

For the thrill-seekers or safety searchers, this car has something for everyone to enjoy and “is the hot hatch we’d all been waiting for” as stated by TopGear.

McLaren 675LT


Why vote for me: Lightweight and turbocharged, I am the closest Super Car out there to a P1 with exceptional handling and precision.


Longer, lighter, faster the McLaren 675LT was inspired by motorsport success yet designed to be enjoyed on the roads.

Created in the likeness of the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ the 675LT is the closest car in the McLaren portfolio to the P1 hybrid hypecar, and has been described by TopGear as, “Nothing less than one of the greatest automotive experiences ever.”

The most driver-focused supercar by McLaren has a top speed of 205mph. The 675LT uses the P1’s suspension for a mind-blowing driving experience and can go from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds. Not only is this the fastest McLaren, but it also offers exceptional handling with agile and responsive steering, which is even faster than the P1’s.

With only 500 cars made, this limited-edition car has more power and precision making it perfect for the road or the track – at any altitude.

The 675LT uses race-winning technology to provide the ultimate adrenaline rush on or off the track making it the most striking of all McLaren Super Series models.

Audi TT RS


Why vote for me: Sporty and technologically advanced, I have redefined Audi’s sports performance and taken the best of motorsport to the streets.


0-62mph in 3.7 seconds the iconic TT is redefined with RS credentials making it not only faster than the Porsche 911 Carrera but more stable than the original TT version.

Already a design icon, the Audi TT takes on motorsport with the latest Audi TT RS iteration adding to Audi’s legendary Sport performance.

With a sporty silhouette, motorsport handling and Audi’s advanced technology, the new Audi TT RS is the perfect car on and off the track. With the lighter engine than the original TT and Quattro all-wheel drive system the Audi TT RS sounds like the iconic 1980’s Audi Quattro with its unrivalled 2.5 litre inline 5-cyclinder engine.

The Audi TT RS offers a driver-focused, high-tech driving experience and is equipped with the most advanced Audi Technology including the Audi Virtual Cockpit.

Style, technology and the ultimate performance the new Audi TT RS has been defined by AutoCar as a “knockout performance.”

Porsche 911 R


Why vote for me: Inspired by the brand’s heritage, I am iconic and rare making me the best of Porsche and can be enjoyed on and off the track.


The Porsche 911 R is so iconic and hard to come by, that its resale value is higher than its original price, with used cars now being sold around £400,000.

Designed to give the ultimate driver the experience of a lifetime the 911 R is lightweight and built with a GT3 RS manual shift gear with vast wings and stiff suspension proving to be fun both on the road and on the track.

Built with a Carrera body, the limited edition 911 R was inspired by the 1967 Porsche and can reach up to 200mph. The rare 911R was built for extraordinary speed and handling and is accompanied with state-of-the-art technology, giving a sense of fun and luxury.

The Telegraph described the car as “a riot, and unquestionably the most involving, rewarding sports car.”

*Quote from The Telegraph