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Driving Laws You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking

Everyone works hard to swot up before their driving test, but how many of us actively keep up to date with rules of the road? Our recent Driving Genius quiz revealed many drivers are a bit rusty when it comes to the rules of the road, confused about driving protocol, new laws, penalties and roadside etiquette. To help separate fact from fiction, we’ve tackled some of the main motoring knowledge gaps as revealed in the quiz results.

Rules of the Road

Introducing our Driving Genius

Over 1,400 people took part in our quiz, leaving us with a newly crowned Driving Genius - Chris Diamond. Chris was one of only 2% of entrants to answer all the questions correctly, so who better to help us create a series of short information animations, looking at re-educating motorists. Take a look below or head to our YouTube channel to take a look at the other 2 videos.

Get involved!

Have you taken the quiz and want to share your results? Or do you know of other obscure laws that you want to share with us on. If so, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter! 


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