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The Best Cars For Off Road Driving

If you’re looking for the ultimate in adventure vehicle, a car with off road capability is a must. Luckily there are some impressive 4x4 and off-road mode cars to choose from.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the best cars for off roading, to guarantee you don’t get stuck in the mud, wherever your next adventure takes you.

Top 12 Cars for Off Road Driving
MINI Countryman
Land Rover Discovery Sport
Jeep Wrangler
Land Rover Defender
Mercedes-Benz G-Class
Toyota Land Cruiser
Volkswagen Touareg
Jaguar F Pace
Audi Q5
Porsche Cayenne
Range Rover

12 Best Cars For Off Road Driving


1. MINI Countryman

Ground Clearance – 149 mm
Boot Space – 450 Litres
Torque – 280 Nm

It’s promises to deliver adventure thrills and fun, all compact into the MINI Countryman we Brits can’t get enough of.

Now 20cm longer, the Countryman is the perfect compact off-roader for your whole family, as well as the weekend luggage! Opt for the 4x4 model and you’ll tackle any terrain, whizzing around bends with the power and agility we have come to expect from BMW’s MINI powerhouse.


2. Land Rover Discovery Sport

Ground Clearances - 167 mm
Boot Space - 829 Litres
Torque - 320 Nm

Land Rover’s iconic Discovery has the winning appeal of being an extremely versatile 5+2 seating family SUV. The second row adjustable seating claims to provide 24 different interior layouts and a potential 1794 litre boot load when you need to pack all your essential weekend gear and take to the road (or hills!)

It’s simply hard to beat, if you desire the cutting design that Land Rover delivers, combined with the sublime performance and lines of the Discovery Sport model.

The 2020 Discovery Sport is available in three diesel and two petrol options and all (but the entry model) boast a hybrid technology which cleverly stores energy from braking, to give you electric-assisted acceleration. While the ClearSight Ground View camera technology lets you ‘see through’ the bonnet to navigate around rocks (or parking bollards!).


3. Jeep Wrangler

Ground Clearance – 533 mm
Boot Space – 192 Litres
Torque – 450 Nm

Quite possibly the ultimate 4x4 and deserving of one of the best off-roading vehicles on our list, the Jeep Wrangler is still oozing with the appeal of a long-term classic, combined with a modern and timeless design appeal.

For off-roading adventure, there’s nothing like a Jeep to take you from the city to the mountains. With plenty of cabin space, it’s a comfortable experience, as well as being fully equipped with the latest safety and tech features such as Parkview Rear Camera, Lane Departure Warning and Apple Car entertainment.

Opt for the new Jeep Wrangler Sahara and its Trail Rated badge awarded by Jeep ensures you will handle even the most difficult terrain.


4. Land Rover Defender

Ground Clearance - 291 mm
Boot Space – 499 Litres
Torque – 550 Nm

An ‘icon reimagined for the 21st century’, Land Rover’s 2020 Defender re-release of the classic and much loved Defender is a dream come true for many car owners looking to own this brand new and sophisticated off-roader.

Capturing the spirit of the old, the new model is capable of navigating even more rugged environments than ever before - thanks to its technology and safety update. Engineered to withstand Land Rover’s Extreme Event Test procedure, that’s a gruelling series of 62,000 tests in excess of any normal SUV expectations.

Additional luxury and design is available in four accessory packs called Explorer, Adventure, Country and Urban depending on your off-roading needs. From winches, a roof-top tent, to waterproof awnings, the added options list is literally ready for any adventure you can throw at it.


5. Mercedes-Benz G Class

Ground Clearance – 205 mm
Boot Space – 667 Litres
Torque – 850 Nm

The original ‘G Wagon’ was launched in 1979 and has been a well-known, no-nonsense, off-roading car ever since.

Enter the new G-Class and you may recognise the same chunky design, yet almost all its other details have been redesigned, and it is now deemed to be the ultimate car for off-roading.

The independent front suspension with tightly packaged double wishbones can push through water 700mm deep, lean over 35 degree cliffs without toppling and climb 45-degree slopes with ease – making its thirst for off-roading adventures even more appealing for thrill-seekers.

With an array of tech integration on board, plus a low chassis to make on-road handling impressive, the G Class makes your everyday driving a sleek, fast and highly comfort-considered ride too. The best of both worlds.


6. Toyota Land Cruiser

Ground Clearance – 220 mm
Boot Space – 640 Litres
Torque – 450 Nm

The Toyota Land Cruiser has over 60 years of history behind it, making it a reliable off-roader for any terrain.

With off-roading tech capable of Crawl Control, Hill-start Assist and Downhill Assist, you will have maximum control of the Land Cruiser in even the most difficult conditions. Plus, opt for the 3ltr diesel and you’ll reach speeds of 109mph and 0-62mph in just 11.7 seconds – making it an incredibly fast, as well as robust off-roading vehicle from Toyota.


7. VW Touareg

Ground Clearance - 244 mm
Boot Space – 810 Litres
Torque – 600 Nm

It may not be as luxurious, or its presence may not demand your attention, quite like other 4x4 off roaders, but this helps the VW Touareg offer a great alternative in class, capable of off-road driving none-the-less.

44mm wider and 77mm longer, the new Touareg has adjustable 40:20:40 seating configuration, and a boot capacity of 810 – ideal for family packed adventures come the weekend.

Ultimately, the Touareg is an SUV capable of tackling all kinds of terrain in comfort, while its WIFI-hotspot allows up to eight devices to be connected to the outside world – no matter where you choose to venture!


8. BMW X7

Ground Clearance – 220 mm
Boot Space – 212 Litres
Torque – 760 Nm

With all the characteristics of the hearty X series, the BMW X7 oozes luxury as well as the well-known BMW kidney grille design.

The biggest in the range of BMW’s SUV, the X7 is a big contender against the G-Class and Range Rover off-road models, while offering the signature BMW edge in terms of style and performance.

A panoramic roof and soft merino leather interior comes as standard, plus a second row capable of adaptation to seat up to 7, makes the X7 an effortlessly comfortable SUV. All models feature rear xDrive all-wheel drive, or opt for the xOffroad package with a choice of driving modes for snow, sand, gravel and rocky surfaces. Making it a solid off-roading car choice.


9. Jaguar F Pace

Ground Clearance – 213 mm
Boot Space – 650 Litres
Torque – 700 Nm

The new Jaguar F Pace, Auto Express Car of the Year, has four-wheel drive and All Surface Progress Control (ASPC), tested in sub-Artic conditions for your off-road peace of mind.

It’s a bold and luxury offering from Jaguar, yet also boasts some of the lowest running costs in its class – achieving fuel consumption of 57.7mpg and CO2 of just 129g/km, taking it a cut above for the modern off-road vehicle.

While it may not be as capable as some of the 4x4 off-road vehicles on our list, the luxurious F Pace handles urban roads, motorways or muddy rural trails, without compromising on the Jaguar quality and comfort it is renowned for.


10. Audi Q5

Ground Clearance – 200 mm
Boot Space – 550 Litres
Torque – 500 Nm

You’d be forgiven for not considering Audi when it comes to off-roading or 4x4 cars. But whilst this large family SUV might not be on the track every day, it’s certainly capable.

If you do plan to hit the off beaten track with the Audi Q5 you might want to consider Audi’s special air suspension technology. For a price, this tech will raise the car’s suspension slightly to glide over uneven surface and rock paths. So bumps and scuffs to the underside or any bumpers can suitably be avoided.

We’re not saying you should take this £60,000+ SUV into the wilderness following your friend’s Land Rover, if you do find yourself in one of those situations, the Quattro all-wheel drive version of this premium 4x4 won’t leave you stuck in the mud.


11. Porsche Cayenne

Ground Clearance – 215 mm
Boot Space – 772 Litres
Torque – 900 Nm

Similarly to our Audi friends bustling through the hills, woods, streams and the like, following suit in a Porsche might not be your first thought. But the Porsche Cayenne is a strong 4x4 that is surprisingly adaptable to changing road conditions.

The Cayene comes complete with hill descent control and air suspension (raising by 6 inches), plus Porsche’s own Off-road Precision App, which once hooked up will allow you to see the performance of your car in its off-road state. The app itself provides tips, information and even encourages users to get out and off-road. So if Porsche are willing to do this, with a brand that is usually associated with track performance, it must be a good thing.


12. Range Rover

Ground Clearance – 210 mm
Boot Space – 577 Litres
Torque – 740 Nm

The Range Rover needs little introduction, soon celebrating its 50th anniversary, this luxury, premium and high quality 4x4 has been, for many, the only contender for off-roading.

So it’s only fair it not only makes out list, but tops it off. For years Land Rover have found ways to blur the lines between an everyday vehicle and a powerhouse that can burst through wades of water in a heartbeat (up to 900mm no less).

The thing about Range Rover is how easily it is able to do just that. Use the vehicles Terrain Response technology and just drive. Climb hills, decline sharp 45 degree slopes and traverse uneven surfaces like they weren’t even there. This 4x4 is certainly the car many try to imitate, but to this day, haven’t yet been able to.

Please note: Ground Clearance, Boot Space and Torque taken from current top spec models and may vary per model. Information accurate as of 01/04/2020.


When it comes to choosing the best off road vehicle on the market, it seems the list of best cars for off-roading is an ever growing compilation, thanks to the rise in SUV 4x4s and off-road driving modes. Choosing will likely be down to how extreme the environment you need your off road vehicle to handle, as well as which level of style and comfort you require on your next adventure.

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