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Best Audiobooks to Listen to on Road Trips

There is nothing like those road trip adventures to weekends away with loved ones. There is a reason they say it is about the journey and not just the destination, right? But those long drives can be tiring and tedious at times, so make sure you keep entertained with some of our top audiobook picks for those long journeys.

‘Lessons in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus

This fiction audiobook follows the story of Elizabeth Zott in the early 1960s who starts as a chemist at Hastings Research Institute before finding her way to become the reluctant star of a beloved cooking show. Her unconventional approach to cooking which has a more scientific and methodical approach ends up being revolutionary. As her fans grow, not all are happy. It turns out that Elizabeth Zott is not just teaching women to cook but daring them to challenge the status quo. This original story and character who focuses on staying true to herself is an option for literature and fiction buffs!

‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before’ by Dr Julie Smith

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Julie Smith covers the important skills to help you get through the highs and lows of life. She shares her secrets for optimising your mental health depending on the type of challenge you are facing and provides tools to help with them. From building self-confidence to managing anxiety, this audiobook is written in bite-sized entries so you can find the specific challenge you are facing and get the tools you need. The easy and practical solutions could help you make changes in your life.

‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman

Mystery fans can step into the shoes of a detective as they solve a crime alongside the characters in this audiobook. Follow the Thursday Murder Club members Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron who end up in the middle of a live case when a killing takes place on their doorstep. Listen as the story unfolds to see if the brilliant gang can catch the killer before it is too late. This audiobook is the first book in the best-selling series by Richard Osman, a TV presenter.

‘Deepest Dive: The Search for MH370’ presented by Peter Waring and Jana Wendt

For those interested in learning about real-life events, listen to the podcast ‘Deepest Dive: The Search for MH370’. You might have heard of the Boeing 777 flight that disappeared when travelling from Malaysia to Beijing. At present, it has never been found. This podcast re-examines the evidence and takes a deeper look into the disappearance and subsequent search.

Childhood Favourites

For families, keep the kids entertained with their Disney favourites, such as ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Encanto’ or escape to the kingdom of Arendelle in the ‘Frozen’ audiobook. ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is also available as an audiobook, along with other popular childhood novels.

Whether you loved the thrill of a good mystery or love to sink your teeth into a gripping story, there’s something for everyone to keep you and your loved ones entertained on those long journeys.


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