What are the Different Types of Loading Restrictions?

There are many different types of loading restrictions on the motorist but it is apparent that not many of us know what they are. The following information should make you aware on where you can load/unload and at what times of the day.

Loading restrictions on other routes other than red routes.

If there are yellow lines at the side of the road, this means that loading or unloading from vehicles is prohibited. You should take care to note the nearby sign (the plates will be in black and white) as this will notify you of the times when these actions are prohibited. If it is before or after the prohibited times you may let passengers board or alight, however, if there are no days mentioned on the sign then you must take it that the restrictions are in force every day including Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Always Check the Times Shown on the Sign Plates

A loading bay will be signified as a space for traffic, which has a dotted white line surrounding it and the words “Loading Only” will be painted next to the box on the road. To make sure road users know that this bay is for loading/unloading there will also be a blue sign with a man pushing a trolley on it. Any restrictions placed on vehicles loading/unloading will also be placed in text on the sign, the bay for instance may be restricted to goods vehicles and there may be certain times when the bays are allowed to be used.

Special Loading Bays

You must also watch out for special loading bays, which may be situated alongside parking bays. These bays may be reserved for use by goods vehicles (this will be indicated on the accompanying signs), if these bays are outside shops then motorists are permitted to use them if they have heavy purchases which need to be carried to a car. Motorists should heed this warning these bays should only be used for collection of pre-paid items and not to make a purchase. Once loading is complete, the car must leave the bay.

Some loading bays can be used for other purposes at different times of the day. For example, the bay may be reserved for blue badge holders during the day and for loading during early morning and late afternoon.

What the Signs Look like and State

The text states: "Loading Only" the diagram has a man with a trolley. This bay is reserved for loading and unloading by all vehicles at all times. Man with trolley symbol with text saying "Goods Vehicles Loading Only Mon-Sat 10am-4pm" This bay is reserved for loading and unloading by goods vehicles only during the times shown.

The next sign is in three tiers. The top plate has a yellow background with text saying: 'Mon – Sat 7-10am 4-6pm' it also has a red circle with a blue inner and a red stripe though it.

The middle tier has a white background and the text states: "No Loading Mon – Sat 7-10am 4-6pm" .The third tier has a man pushing a trolley and the text states: "Loading Only 10am-4pm".The three tier sign means: Waiting and loading are prohibited from Monday to Saturday during these times shown in the top and middle panels. The bay may be used for loading only during the times shown in the bottom panel, including Sunday.

"Loading" area: This is a yellow background with a red circle with blue in it and a line through it. The text states: "Except by Permitted Vehicles Mon- Fri 8am – 6pm". This sign can usually be seen at an entrance to a loading area.

Another loading area sign can look like this: it has a yellow background with a red circle in it with a blue inner and a red line through it. The text states: "Except by Permitted Vehicles Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm". This is a repeater sign within a loading area.

End of Loading Area

This sign looks like: it has two plates on the left hand side there is a plate with a white background and a grey circle with a stripe though it. It has four thin black lines running from one corner of the circle to the other.

The second plate has a yellow background and the text states: "End of Loading Area".

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