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What Oil to Use For an Audi A3

Changing the oil is one of the most important parts of maintenance to keep your car running smoothly, and it can be confusing to know which oil you need to use for your Audi A3.

The most suitable oil for your vehicle will depend on the age, size, performance, and fuel type. It can seem daunting, so here at Jardine Motors, we are on hand to point you in the right direction, as well as provide information on why changing the oil is essential for your motor.

Why is Oil So Important?

Cars are more reliable, perform better and are more efficient than they used to be, and part of the reason for this is the improvements and advancements in the oils we are using.

The oil keeps the moving parts of an engine running smoothly, deflecting heat and preventing corrosion and coagulation. In order to keep your Audi A3 running at peak performance, reliability and efficiency, regular changing of the manufacturer’s recommended oil is essential.

What Oil Should I Use?

Audi oil 3

There are many different oils out there for every car on the road, and they differ in a few ways. Oils are rated in terms of viscosity, basically meaning how thick or thin they are, and this is usually displayed on the can or container, looking something like 5W-30. The five refers to the viscosity of the oil in cold weather, with the W standing for Winter. The second part of the code is the oil flow at higher engine temperatures. In both instances, a lower number indicates a higher quality.

5W-30 is regularly used in modern car engines, and it is likely that your Audi A3 will be suited to this type of engine oil. However, it is important to check compatibility with your exact model, as this can change depending on the specification and the age of the vehicle.

It is important to additionally check the oil specifications, as there are different standards across the world, as well as the own specifications of the manufacturer. Be sure to thoroughly check that you are using the correct oil for your car, as the wrong type can cause serious problems for the engine.

How Often Should I Change the Oil?

Audi Oil 2

In a modern car like a new Audi A3, you may drive 10,000 miles before you require an oil change, but older cars may need a change more regularly. An oil change will generally be performed as part of regular servicing of the vehicle, but you should frequently check the oil levels and top up if needed.

Cars will give out signals that an oil change is required. A warning light on the dashboard, smoke coming from the exhaust, or generally a low level of oil, all indicate that you may need to carry out an oil change. The age and condition of your car, as well as the style of driving, will affect the amount of oil required for the vehicle.

Changing the oil is critical for the maintenance of a car, and by regularly checking the levels, as well as servicing the car frequently, you are helping the performance and efficiency of your A3. Be sure to check you are using the right oil, and if you are uncertain, contact your dealer for further advice or to arrange a service.