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The Best Car Gadgets For Your Ride

In the course of a normal year, we all spend a lot of our time behind the wheel. Whether that’s doing the school run, commuting to work or visiting friends and family, it all adds up to thousands of miles.

With so many hours whiled away on the road, it’s important that your car is kitted out to suit your lifestyle. You need a vehicle that is clean, safe and offers plenty of entertainment for you and your passengers, or those long journeys can feel a whole lot longer!

What you need are some cool car gadgets. The world of automotive technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and those developments have transformed interiors, too. Here is a selection of some of the best car tech.

Glasses Clip

We’ve all been there: you hop in the car and realise that you can’t find your glasses. Or you’re driving along and the low sun suddenly has you scrambling for your shades. With a glasses clip above the driver’s seat, these problems will be a thing of the past. They can keep your eyewear within reach and scratch-free, while some even come with a built-in sponge to maintain cleanliness. Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference and this is one simple car gadget that’s bound to improve your driving experience.

Back Seat Organiser


Often, keeping kids busy in the car can prove the difference between a stressful journey and a calm, quiet cruise to your destination. If your little ones are particularly boisterous, a back seat organiser is one of the best car gadgets for road trips or any other type of journey. Complete with multiple pockets for toys, drinks and snacks – not to mention slots for electrical devices – they can also protect your leather from the regular kicks of those little feet.

Image received from Jaguar Seat Back Stowage.

Tyre Inflator

In terms of practicality, this is up there with the very best car gadgets. When you’re out and about it might not be convenient to find a petrol station with an air machine. Or it might be that your tyres only need a small pump until you can reach a safe spot to pull over properly and assess the situation. That’s where a portable inflator can prove priceless. They can be set to stop once the desired pressure is reached, before being recharged via your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter. Smart but simple in-car tech!

Portable EV Charger

Have you joined the electric revolution? If so, you likely already have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest car tech. For all EV drivers, range is a top priority and must be taken into consideration before the start of any journey. But with cool car gadgets like portable chargers, you won’t have to worry about reaching a designated charging point before you can get your electric vehicle back out on the road.

Hand Gel Dispenser

Not so long ago, this would have been the car gadget you never thought you’d need. Nowadays, it’s an extremely useful addition to any vehicle. If you’re heading to the shops, popping into the office or are paying a visit to a clinically vulnerable relative, you’ll want to sanitise your hands before and after. We don’t always remember to carry it with us, so a hand gel dispenser might just become a rudimentary but crucial piece of in-car technology.

Headrest DVD Player


Along with the back seat organiser, a headrest DVD player is one of the very best car gadgets for road trips. Even if you’re just doing the school run, they can prove invaluable as a way to keep the children happy and entertained, leaving you to focus fully on the road ahead. And of course, if it’s ever just you and your partner embarking on a long journey and you want to unwind after your stint behind the wheel, what’s to stop you hopping into the back seat and popping on your favourite rom-com or thriller?

Image received from Whitefire Headphones - For Use With The Rear Seat Entertainment System.

Dash Cam


Being safe on our roads and motorways is of the utmost importance, which is what makes dashcams such popular car gadgets for drivers everywhere. They offer an extra level of protection in that they record everything that happens during your journey – providing valuable evidence if you were to be involved in an accident and needed footage to show the authorities and/or your insurers. These cool car gadgets can offer both a rear and front view as well as tech that backs up the footage, should you ever need it.

Image received from Front Traffic Recorder from Audi.

Portable Vacuum

Do you like to keep your car nice and clean? Perhaps you have a couple of dogs who shed hair everywhere, or you often pack up the tent and strike out on a camping adventure. Whatever your situation, keeping your interior spick and span can often feel like a hassle, but not with one of these cool car gadgets. Lightweight and easy to use, some models come with a range of accessories for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Your car will have never looked so good!

Get The Right Car For Your Gadgets With Jardine Motors

Before you get kitted out with some of these car gadgets, you’re going to need the motor to match – and that’s where Jardine can help. We have a wide range of new and used vehicles for you to choose from, including an outstanding selection of electric and hybrid models.

For more information or to talk about which vehicles might be most suited to the in-car tech you have in mind, why not get in touch with us or find your local dealership and we’ll be happy to help.

Visit Our Accessory Shops

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to some of the best new car gadgets? From cool accessories to service plans, you will find everything your car needs in our Audi, Jaguar and Land Rover online shops.


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