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The State Cars of the Royal Family

With the recent coronation of our new King, Charles III, we at Jardine Motors, were incredibly excited to embrace the patriotic celebrations. We were also eagerly looking forward to see which of the family’s state cars got a run out during the festivities.

One thing that many of the British public may not be aware of is the sheer variety of vehicles driven by, and for, the Royal Family over the years. Let’s go through some of our personal favourites from their historic and stylish car collection.

Land Rover Series 1 (1953)

Land Rover Series 1 1953

The Royal Family’s state cars are in the main produced by British manufacturers with provenance, and their relationship with Land Rover has been well-documented, particularly Queen Elizabeth who was frequently photographed behind the wheel of Land Rover Defenders.

In an identifiable royal claret colour, this vehicle was used to tour many of the Commonwealth countries early on in Queen Elizabeth’s reign. When overseas, they tended to be driven by a chauffeur while the Queen and Prince Phillip stood on a platform on the back of the vehicle.

This vehicle was retired in 1956 but heralded a long relationship between the royals and the manufacturer.

Rolls-Royce Phantom IV State Landaulet (1955)

For a family synonymous with style and luxury, it is no surprise that they have owned several vehicles from a British marque whose name goes hand in hand with quality.

Their collection has included several Rolls-Royces, particularly Phantom IVs and Vs, but arguably the rarest and most spectacular is their 1955 State Laudaulet.

It boasts a 5.7-litre straight-eight engine and was one of only 18 examples produced by the manufacturer. The car was returned to Rolls-Royce in 2002, but a very similar model acted as the wedding car for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018.

Aston Martin Lagonda 3-litre Drophead Coupe (1954)

The Aston Martin Lagonda not only earned the manufacturer a royal warrant but has been used throughout the history of royal motoring, both in the country and abroad. The 3-litre Drophead Coupe was used to open the M1 motorway in 1959 and was even shipped to Australia for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games.

Another vehicle in a distinctive colour, this time a striking Edinburgh Green, it had a top speed of 104mph. It also featured a number of technology innovations, with a radio telephone and a convertible roof, both novelties at the time. The car was sold in 2016 for around £350,000.

Jaguar X-Type Sovereign Estate (2009)

Jaguar is another car brand that is deeply associated with the Royal Family, and, given the quality and luxury of the vehicles, it is an easy connection to make. This X-Type had a V6 engine under the bonnet and was essentially the manufacturer’s standard production model. That said, it offered all the necessities of a modern luxury car, from heated seats and parking sensors, to dog guards to keep the corgis safe.

The car was mainly used for trips around Windsor, which only resulted in a total of around 7,600 miles being clocked before its sale in 2016 to an unwitting motorist for around £15,000. Something of a contrast to the royal state cars that toured the world, but still an impressive vehicle to have as part of your collection.


We at Jardine Motors may not have any cars previously owned by the Royal Family for sale, but we often sell prestige and supercar limited editions, classics and collectibles including Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin. And if your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far, we have a wide range of new and used cars to suit every pocket, and will help you find the one that’s right for you. Have a look online today or visit your local dealership in person.

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