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Happy Retirement! The Best Cars for Older Drivers


Ahh retirement! You’ve worked hard for most of your life and now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy. For many, this chapter evokes many changes, one of which being an upgrade to your wheels.

Whether you plan on embarking on new adventures, want a car to nip round town in or you need more space for the grandchildren, your car needs to adapt to your new lifestyle.


Now that your days are no longer restricted to a 9-5 routine it’s time to pack your bags, fill up the car and get on the road! We’ve selected some of our top cars suitable for those who love to get away and explore:


Skoda Kodiaq

Ideal for travellers requiring more space, the Skoda Kodiaq is a great choice for retired couples looking to get away. Available in various finishes, engine sizes and drives, you’ll be able to travel cross country with ease. The Kodiaq SE comes equipped with cruise control, so it's great for motorway driving, while the Kodiaq Scout 7-seater SUV is designed for the inner adventurer.



Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-pace is any holidaymakers dream. With a 10-inch Touch Pro infotainment fitted as standard, as well as autonomous emergency braking and lane keeping assistance, this SUV handles long drives with ease. Also fitted with Stop & Go technology, the F-pace will be able to navigate in traffic, if you fancy getting away during peak times! With extensive safety features and the option of all wheel drive, holidaying has never been easier – caravan in tow!


BMW 5-Series Touring Estate

If you plan on spending your retirement travelling to see friends and family further afield, the BMW 5-series is a great pick. It has a long and wide loading bay, that you can comfortably pack up for a weekend away or longer and the dog-guard net rolls up and can be hidden away for trips when you aren’t bringing along your furry friend. Additional tech can be included like the driver-aid package which features lane-keeping with adaptive cruise control, for extra comfort on extended drives. Connect your phone, set up the sat-nav and off you go.

Safety First

By law every car must meet certain safety regulations, however some models on the market have been designed to further protect and assist. We’ve chosen a selection of safer models on the market for more the more cautious drivers:


Toyota Prius

This fuel efficient compact car is marked highly for comfort and accessibility, two key components for older drivers. Standard safety features for the Prius include a reversing camera, adaptive cruise control and road sign recognition to decrease the risk of accidents. If you want more for your money, upgrade to one of four trim levels for additional features like: self-parking assistance, blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning with brake assist for added peace of mind.


Volkswagen T-Roc

If you prefer driving something bigger, this SUV will tick the boxes. With a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP, the T-Roc is sure to keep you and passengers safe. To achieve this rating, a substantial amount of accident-avoidance technologies are fitted at entry level including; front assist, adaptive cruise control as well as city emergency brake assist to help bring the car to a standstill for those frequently driving in urban traffic. Whether you’re driving long distances or plan to spend your retirement close to home the Volkswagen T-Roc has got it covered.

Devoted Grandparents

With more spare time to do the things you love, seeing the grandkids no longer has to be an infrequent occasion. If you plan on using your time to help with childcare or to enjoy more days out with the little ones, we’ve chosen some sizeable cars to assist with grandparent duty:


Audi A3 Saloon

Subtly redesigned to give more presence on the road, the Audi A3 Saloon is a stylish option for grandparents needing a spacious car for helping out the kids. The A3 saloon has increased visibility which will come in handy when on the school run, to keep an eye on the little ones. Upgrade to the technology pack and get a sat nav with MMI Touch – a touch-sensitive input panel which enables you to operate the sat nav without taking your eyes off the road. The pack also has a larger 7-inch screen and DVD player that is perfect for distracting the grandkids while you’re out.


Skoda Rapid

Finding a car suitable for your needs, as well as your grandkids, is no longer a challenge. The ŠKODA Rapid is an understated family car that is a cost effective option, with extensive amounts of space! The passenger space provides you with more room for car seats and toys, while the 550 litre boot space can increase to a total 1,490 litres of load space with the rear seats folded. So if you’re planning on taking the family away on holiday or need room for bikes, scooters and all the trimmings for a day at the park, the ŠKODA Rapid scores highly.


Volkswagen Passat Saloon

With an upmarket interior and low running costs, the Volkswagen Passat Saloon is a solid choice. The inside storage of the Passat is also generous, with larger door pockets and a decent glovebox to store away snacks and other bits needed for a peaceful car journey. If you’re planning on using the car for longer trips, opt for Ergo Comfort seats to improve long-distance comfort. If you plan on helping the kids out more once you’ve retired, the Volkswagen Passat is a worthy option.

Performance and Sophistication

After years of driving company cars, completing the school run and menial late night runs to the supermarket, you’ve now reached a time in your life where driving isn’t just out of necessity. With this new found freedom, your car needs the speed to match. Our selection of speedy wheels are designed for those wishing to set out into retirement in style:


Jaguar F-type

The Jaguar F-Type is the ideal car if you’re looking to splurge after retiring. Choose from a range of performance options and either a roadster of coupe when picking your dream Jaguar. The more powerful V6 or V8 engines can be upgraded from the classic structure with a four-wheel drive system. While higher running costs and limited boot space may deter some motorists, if you’re looking for power under the hood and a stylish body, the F-Type could be the car for you.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet

If you’ve always dreamed of spending your retirement driving round town with the top down, then look no further than the Mercedes C Class Cabriolet. This sleek four seater convertible has adaptive technology incorporated into its design to allow you to cruise with the roof down in comfort. For instance, the AIRCAP and AIRSCARF are the ingenious features designed to reduce the draught in the front and rear and direct a stream of warm air around the driver and passenger’s neck like a warm scarf. All of this can be achieved within 30 seconds of setting off and works at speeds up to 30mph. So if you'd like to spend your retirement enjoying the wind in your hair as you drive along on a nice summer evening, the C-Class Cabriolet is a car to consider.

Whatever your plans when you retire, find a car suitable for your needs and lifestyle. If you would like to discuss any of the models with our sales advisors please get in touch.

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