Give Yourself a Test Advantage: Learner Driver Tools

As with any test it helps to be completely prepared before sitting a driving test. Learner drivers can take advantage of the many products and tools available that will help to increase their chances of passing.

Preparation Before a Driving Test

In the UK the national driving test pass rate is 43%, and the figure is lower for first-time drivers. There are no guarantees of a first-time pass but being thoroughly prepared will be beneficial. Taking driving lessons and a driving test is a big financial outlay. A driver who fails their test and has to repeat the process will be spending a serious amount of money. But for learner drivers, there are many products and tools available that can give an advantage with many being completely free to use.

Additional Practical Experience for Learner Drivers

Taking one or two lessons per week from a driving instructor is the norm in order to gain practical driving experience. But there are specialised hire cars available with dual controls specifically for learner drivers to gain experience. These learner cars can be hired for an entire day for the price of a few hourly driving lessons. As long as there is a licensed driver in the car the learner can spend a day or more behind the wheel obtaining practical experience. This is a great idea to obtain inexpensive intensive practical experience before sitting the actual driving test.

Using the Internet to Obtain Free Driver Experience

One way to obtain free driver hints, tips and experience are to view videos on the internet. Qualified driving instructors post videos on websites such as Youtube that can guide learner drivers through the learner process. Each video focuses on and fully explains a particular aspect of driving such as the three-point turn, parking and reversing. These videos are excellent for drivers who are having specific driving problems. There are also videos available where driving instructors address the theory test and the actual test.

Computer Software for Learner Drivers

There are many computer software packages available to buy that will provide the learner driver with practical and theoretical experience. Websites sell software for computers that cover just about every aspect of driving and the driving test. These packages include interactive videos of simulated practical and theory tests including full mock driving tests. Most of the driving software packages are updated every year and are very inexpensive when bought online.

Practise the Theory Test Online

The theory test is an important part of any driving test. In fact, drivers do need to pass the theory test before they can even book the practical part of their test. The importance of the theory test should not be underestimated and learner drivers are required to pass both parts of the theory test. Learners can go online and practise the theory test for free through websites such as the government’s Directgov website. There are practice tests for both parts of the theory test and this includes practice tests for drivers of motorcycles, cars and large goods vehicles.

Get Family and Friends Involved in your Driving Lessons

A tried and tested driving practice method is to get family and friends involved. Some people claim that this tactic will only pass on bad habits to a learner driver, but this type of driving practice can be invaluable. As long as there is another licensed driver in the car the learner can spend hours practising before a test. The vehicle does need to be insured for another driver and it will be beneficial to choose a family member or friend known for their patience.

Get Rid of Driving Test Nerves

Nerves can play havoc with a driving test and many learners fail their test by making simple mistakes because of nerves. Being fully prepared for a driving test should help to calm those nerves but for many learners, a little extra help may be needed. There are ways to calm nerves such as learning breathing techniques and using visualization to imagine the test beforehand. Those who suffer from excessive nervousness can seek advice from a doctor or even undertake hypnosis.

A driving test is never usually as simple as some experienced drivers make it out to be. Preparation is vital and drivers should not attempt their driving test before they are ready. Take the time and take advantage of all of the tools and products available that can give you an advantage when sitting your test.


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