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Used Approved Cars: Checked, Tested and Guaranteed

Think all used cars are the same? Well, think again! Here we'll explain what it means to be used approved and what the difference is against a used car. 

Used cars you'll find advertised on classified ads or websites by independent dealers. You can get a choice of used cars varying in age, condition and mileage. Some have a clear history, and some history is unknown. Here comes an element of a surprise. If you find the right model, and you might drive off with a great bargain. On the other end of the scale - make a wrong choice, and you will face a pricy mistake.

Approved used cars in principle are used vehicles, but the added bonus is that they all undergone a thorough check to meet stringent quality criteria outlined by car manufacturers. Picking a used approved car removes your doubts because you can be sure that all vehicles don't have any unpleasant surprises. And a cherry on top, they also come with a package of excellent benefits and assurances. Manufacturers usually endorse used approved car schemes only with reliable dealers.

What qualifies as an approved used car?

A car can be called used approved if:

  • went through thorough standardised check
  • qualified mechanics conducts the test following quality standard
  • is road tested
  • gets history check, ensuring the vehicle haven't been written off, or have finance outstanding
  • gets mileage check
  • all faults are rectified using official manufacturers parts
  • covered with some a warranty.

Each manufacturer scheme has slight differences, but these key aspects are universal across the board. We provide an example of how the used approved checks are carried out in one of the dealerships.

How Does Used Approved Check Looks Like at Jardine Select?

Buying an approved car is safe. To qualify a vehicle as used approved, highly skilled technicians undertake a 110 Multi-point check to guarantee that every car meets pre-defined high standards.

Mechanical and Electrical Checks

As a part of our standard check, we undertake thorough mechanical and electrical inspections using state-of-art diagnostic equipment. Qualified Jardine technicians are following a 110 Multi-point checklist to guarantee that every vehicle meets high standards. Any mechanical faults are rectified using genuine manufacturer parts.

History and Mileage Check

All vehicles undergo an independent, certified check to verify mileage and vehicle history, which ensures that the car has not been stolen or written-off and is not subject to any outstanding finance agreement. We make sure that service history meets our recommendations, and if a service is due, it will be carried out before delivery.

Road Testing

We perform a comprehensive road test that ensures the driving experience meets our standards. Road tests involve taking a car out to test in real-life conditions, such as bumpy or fast roads.

Safety and Sanitation

Safety is always the heart of Jardine Motors Group. You can expect your car to be fully valeted, sanitised and sealed before sale following high hygiene and sanitation standards. 


After clearing all the checks are, you will receive a generous 12 months warranty, free 12 moths MOT cover and bespoke finance packages. 

Is a used approved car better than a regular used car?

Usually, leading dealers cherry-pick the best cars for their used approved schemes. As a rule of thumb, these cars are not older than five years, has a low mileage and are in a great condition. There's often a wide choice of engines, colours and trim levels too - particularly the popular combinations. The checks and guarantees that every selected vehicle are checked against the agreed standard. 

Buying from a reputable dealer, you are well protected by consumer law and carries a certain standard on customer service level, and you can expect nothing less than excellent customer care.

Did you know that you can find, secure, and buy all our vehicles online with a convenient and safe contactless delivery or collection? Alternatively, you are always welcome at our dealership where we have over 200 selected and approved cars in stock.