7 Car Innovations that Help You Travel in Comfort & Style

Car manufacturers are continually releasing new gadgets and gizmos to add not only style and functionality to your drive, but comfort and luxury to your journey.

Here we round up the latest in-car tech to achieve maximise driving comfort in your next car.

The 7 Best In-Car Technology for Style and Comfort

1. ABS Break Assist

Once upon a time, autonomous emergency breaking was reserved for only top-of-the-range models, but now the majority of new cars are being equipped with these safety capabilities.  

By using a combination of cameras and radar, ABS will detect if an object is in the way of the car alerting the driver. But if the driver does not respond, it will automatically apply the brakes to avoid or limit the effects of a collision. Some car models’ ABS technology is even able to detect pedestrians and cyclists, making for a much safer driving experience.

2. Adaptive LED Headlights

Adaptive LED headlights light up the road ahead as if it were daytime, increasing a driver’s visibility and vigilance, to enjoy a safe and stress-free drive at any time of the day.

The technology behind LEDs offer drivers an improved visibility in the dark over traditional halogen bulbs, which ultimately makes driving a more relaxed and safer experience. The adaptable element means LED headlights will automatically adjust to real world conditions; illuminating various parts of the road depending on your speed to enhance the beam’s reach, as well automatically adjusting to reduce glare for oncoming traffic. All without a single human intervention.

3. Gesture Control

Browse and swipe with a wave of your hand or a pinch of your fingers, controlling your car’s functions thanks to gesture control technology. Open your sunroof with a wave of your hand, turn up your favourite song, or answer a call – all without the press of a button. Gesture control allows you to feel at one with the future of in-car technology, through this ingenious motion recognition technology.

VW’s Discover Navigation Pro in-built gesture control ultimately allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times. Similar tech is available across various manufacturers including Jaguar & Land Rover’s human-machine interface and Mercedes’ intuitive infotainment system.

4. Adaptive Suspension

While traditional suspensions rely on oil-filled dampners, new ‘air spring’ technology is (although not necessarily a new invention) a great way to improve comfort levels.

BMW utilise an even more sophisticated version to control your suspension from your dashboard. Ideal for heading out on a drive, meaning BMW’s handling is not only adaptive but a sharper and firmer ride as a result.

5. Smart Driving Seat

In luxury cars, technology has developed the seat to become a complete experience in itself. The focus of in-car tech shifting from the dashboard to the seat itself, as car seat and passenger seat technology is on the rise.

From 30 way adjustable seats, to ventilation, heating and massage (would you prefer muscle activation, muscle relaxation or balance?) car seat sophistication is truly delivering high-tech comfort.

What’s more, sync your seat controls to your smartphone and your car’s tech system will measure your size and arm reach – pop in further preferences, and it’s that simple - you’ve just adjusted your car’s seat with your smart phone.

6. Autonomous driving

For the ultimate in car-tech comfort – how does the possibility of not even having to drive sound?

Trials of fully autonomous (or driverless) cars, where no driver oversees control of the vehicle, are set to take place by the end of 2019. However, these cars are likely to be in the form of driverless taxis and not the personal driving experience you might have imagined.

Experts suggest it will be another 12 years before driverless vehicles are sold to private buyers, with robo-taxis more likely to be ready by 2025 for public use.

7. Smartphone car keys

The Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC) is the organisation driving global technologies for smartphone-centric car connectivity solutions. CCC have developed Digital Key, which allows you to lock and unlock your vehicles using your smartphone. A liberating experience for many - Digital Key allows drivers start the engine and share access to friends or valets, using their phones. Watch BMW’s ConnectedDrive Digital Key Video to find out more.